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  1. so there’s just a lot of brown going on ontop between the sprinkle of tobacco crumbled up drysift and the hit i already took haha

  2. a thin layer of tobacco ontop hash in the middle then some northern lights haze underneath

  3. I ran out of filters, and did not feel like picking any up for a solid 3 weeks. Smoking filter-less joints is a true way to test yourself. Shit is burning hot a quarter of an inch away from your finger, there is a 90% chance you suck the last .1 of your flower through the paper, and if it goes out you physically cannot re-light it. Trying to relight a joint without a filter is how I had a tiny resin ball burning incredibly hot right next to my fingers.

  4. just gotta roll em tight tight man and don’t fine grind your bud like most people do leave it sticky and chunky no scoobs ever nice slow burn

  5. if i’m smoking a sativa it has too be a pure sativa like a haze,columbian, thia or Acapulco there’s so much hybridization that what most people think of as sativa is tainted with afghani or hindu varieties

  6. yeah doesn’t look moldy at all just roll a fat one, huff that shit like paint and you might get you feelin right

  7. HEAVILY depending where you are in the world but yeah that sounds about right looks like over an eighth of someone’s Bushweed pretty green and resinous for what looks like pretty low grade pot tho

  8. Can I super crop this late I’m just scared because I’m out of room I don’t know where to bend the branches if I do

  9. don’t super crop but do some slight adjustments where they se fit you know? bend one here do some mild lolly popping on the bottoms, don’t be afraid too stress them out just don’t go crazy since it’s already starting too bud

  10. I pulled 8 ounces off 4 plants with a 40 day veg so I’m hoping this yield gets me 12 or so I’ve been plucking a handful of leaves out of the tent here and there and getting rid of some of the little larf shit that won’t be worth trimming lol

  11. dont bin that stuff tho every part of that plant has a use, look up Indian Bhang, or what i loved too do back in the day was straight up pulverize everything in a blender and make smoothies, they actually are a really good clean cheap way too add some extra nutrients too your diet and it helps with indigestion or IBS

  12. ahhh yes they are those are moonrocks, pretty skimpy ones tho they should have a lot more oil and kief than that tho

  13. I think OP is referring to shatter/wax/rosin/etc. last I checked most hash doesn’t dab, only the extremely good stuff. If you check in at

  14. oh yeah i was just talking about people saying dabs are somehow unnatural when it’s technically how everything started haha

  15. hashish is the oldest way of smoking sorry dab haters i don’t like oil ether much but Concentrating the resin gland has been done since Jesus times

  16. yeah that’s some beaster bud right there, yellow weird coloration and beaten up on the outside, rid of that plug sir

  17. edibles or grind it and mix it with other herb when you run low on stuff you actually like

  18. The cool elephant carving and sunglasses cost extra.

  19. Aye my friend over at zomiaseeds has all these classic strains for sale, sadly living in Northern UK I can't grow them for shit here haha.

  20. oh darn yeah that sucks, if you wanna grow a classic strain that’s good in that environment though mazar i sharif and lebanese hash plants work great same with any hindu varietys has too be actual hindu kush though there’s so many damn nockoffs of that particular strain

  21. burnt sloppy but ay it worked, i used too deal hash so i usually had a ton laying around moroccan and hand rubbed were cheap per gram at least out of drought periods it was

  22. no unless you leave them in the joint then you’ll be immediately sent too hell by the your hippie ancestors

  23. all my plants need is barley any water and good microbes, if your plant needs babying the genetics are not worth messing with, atleast in my garden

  24. happens sometimes, i grew a seed i found in some hash back in the 70s one of the best indicas i’ve ever grown, outcrossed it too a hawaiian sativa but it lost the tone. there rare but some of the best strains ever made were random seeds found in sometimes the oddest places she’s a keeper

  25. are you fucking serious rn, even in that country there’s brick weed this is someone’s actual leftovers from there rolling tray you got ripped

  26. looks like a standard joint man idk what her problem is, it’s small that’s ab it

  27. no it gets that tough, i grow so i never do but if i ever ran out omg it would only take me 2 hours tops before i’m rolling a roach spliff

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