1. Still trying to understand how Reddit works lol . I tried tagging you on the first comment on this post . Check it out 💖

  2. If you don’t mind me asking how tall are you ? You do look tall which gives you even more credit on all the muscle you built

  3. These ladies need to admit that being in a group relationship and having orgies with a man who could have been their great grandfather was a mistake and move on with their lives.

  4. That mansion was a prostitutes house unfortunately. Unfortunately in the patriarchal society it was seems as normal and natural thing. He could even have barely legal and not body would have said anything

  5. She walked away with 16 million dollars from being on that show. She was not take advantage of by any stretch of the imagination.

  6. Yeah maybe money wise but I am sure she was denigrated as a woman but I suppose she “ asked for it “

  7. Just a curious question why do you think people seen British as having bad teeth ( I know this is just a stereotype and not okay to use ) but if if this was true what would be the reason for bad teeth ?

  8. I find it so cruel the people who houses fully decorated and no candy ? That is pure evil

  9. Yup this is accurate today I feel like that because most of the time is taken by cleaning then is Sunday

  10. OPs post should be a “whiney bitch on Reddit has edgy big feels starter pack”

  11. Dogs bite n bees sting its just part of the birds and the bees - I just simply remember my favourite things n then it don’t seem so bad (my favourite thing is pitties in case u hadn’t guessed) xx

  12. There is a group of trolls that spam the mental health report button. It is a shitty thing to do and they should be banned for it.

  13. I know about the grammatical error in the title, and idc, you can't critisise me now.

  14. Why do people think they can make starter packs and not even read the rules on how to make one?

  15. Pain is only mental. Same as the voices in my head.

  16. If you don't eat a lot of fiber in your usual diet and you suddenly start eating a ton of it, you'll get the shits, the gas, the runs, and the rumblies. All the classics until you adjust.

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