1. You're welcome! It's a hefty volume but lots of great chapters. Also fyi: It's an open access book! Look it up online -- UCL published a pdf copy in Creative Commons so it's free.

  2. If you don't already have it...I would swap small angels for killers of a certain age.

  3. Oo, yes, interested. Let's swap addresses in DM. I'll get it out to you ASAP.

  4. Hi! I know this may be late but I’ll trade you The Cloisters for The Hacienda if you are still interested.

  5. Hi! Yes, I'm interested! DM me your address and I'll DM you mine and I'll get it out to you Asap.

  6. In bed at the end of the day is my favorite. But I will read anywhere. I like to also read in my local branch library, just for a change of place.

  7. There's a difference between absorption and memorization. In this case,you're not aiming to ace an exam (which are not always the best indicators of long term absorption or learning), rather, you're aiming to internalize the main points or the thesis/theses of the book.

  8. The Read Around the World was in Storygraph, based on the locations in the book, not the author. I'm about 36% done... Some of them will be hard like "Mongolia" or "Zimbabwe." But then again, I'm not actively pursuing it.

  9. Clearing the TBR is a challenge indeed. Mine is massive dumpster of all the books I hope to get to... in my lifetime. .... If only tbr lists carried over, like karma, into the next reincarnation lolol 😂

  10. Interested in Killers of a Certain Age. Sending you what I have in a DM.

  11. I would love The Hacienda and/or Kaikeyi.

  12. Mmm Of your list I like Babel, but I already have it. I'm not into series or YA unfortunately. If you have others let me know!

  13. I just DNFed a book at page 147. I couldn't stand one of the main characters. Tried to push through but ughhhhh couldn't get past my loathing of them. So I didn't. 🤣

  14. Yep. 😊 Hit 52, then doubled it, hit that, then doubled it. Made it to 300 just this afternoon. A lot of favorites and some uh... Not so favorites.

  15. Your post intrigued me! I looked it up and it sounds amazing. It's on my tbr. Thanks for posting. Any favorite poems?

  16. I'm glad you found it interesting. I particularily enjoyed "My Second Favourite Locked Room Mystery", "Afternoon at the Cafe Cependant", "A Pledge", and "from The Beasley Contract Bridge System, 1935".

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