1. The end is worlding! Why not eat a fur burger!? Twice the delight!

  2. Gov needs to raise retirement to 64 as medical advancement has us living longer.

  3. Was this built as a race car from the beginning? If yes, it's definitely not modified. Can someone verify?


  5. I’m a little ignorant. How does that not fuck up the drive shaft?

  6. Crazy it only cost 3 million tax dollars to come up with this cup. Just like the 2 million dollar pen the designed to write in space and at the meeting someone said "why don't we use a pencil?"

  7. I find it so strange when famous people change their names as they get fame. For example, before Dick Van Dyke made it big his name was Penis Van Lesbian

  8. I’d recommend a big fat Block for whoever sent that to you. These tik tok music edits are like nails on a chalkboard. I’m sorry your ears had to endure it as well.

  9. yes, i should have mentioned that. i generated this with mid journey

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