1. The iop wiki explains that you need a license or something to use the sprites. I don't know how else to get them

  2. "Oh no! Someone enjoys playing the game in a way that's different from me!"

  3. My Darling Dopamine - Days n Daze Everything You Know is Wrong - Weird Al Yankovich Excitable Boy - Warren Zevon Probably some Will Wood songs but I can't think of any off the top of my head

  4. The list didn't format right but idc. There were line breaks though

  5. The one on the left is Jerry and the one on the right doesn't deserve a name.

  6. So this used to be cliche/obvious, but enough time has passed and I wonder if people know the songs anymore.

  7. Bear Ghost has some good Halloween songs. Blasterpiece is a good album in general, but it really fits this specific mood.

  8. Sure, I'd try if it I could even find Code Red Energy to begin with

  9. Weird. I found code red energy without looking but it was voodew that I waited forever for.

  10. Here's a famous letter he wrote. Unfortunately, this is only the censored version, and the original is lost to time. It's a great window into his character.

  11. No. His accounts kept getting deleted though so he's practically just gone

  12. My favorite is The Brave Little Scrib. I made a shitty audiobook of it cause it was funny. You'd probably be able to find ot on YouTube. If not, the story is on the Imperial Library website.

  13. Because of the resize, you can't see the sign, but it would say "Daud's DON'T TOUCH IT!"


  15. Voodew and voltage keeps the sour taste without being as strong. Voodew and frostbite pretty much killa the sourness for sweetness. All three together is a kind of blend between sour amd sweet. It's worth trying and adjusting to your tastes. Have fun!

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