This is my nephew dealing with terminal cancer. Its a shot in the dark but the bigfest thing getting him through all of this has been spiderman. So if anyone could help get tom hollands attention to make a video saying hi it would be appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. I just dont see it... Peter's bugle days are long behind him, I don't see where they could introduce Eddie and actually make him into a character beyond a collectible in the first game, have him undergo a character arc that pits him against Peter and become Venom all in one game. Let this be Harry's story.

  2. Peter dont hv a job currently, right? So he just go back to bugle and take a temporary job there.

  3. Spider-man insomniac game will always consists of deadly virus pandemic and close friend death or being evil.

  4. Prob not but I’d like to see Harry being more like a Ultimate Verison of the symbiote and Eddie more classic symbiote

  5. I realize that. I’m talking about the personality differences of the symbiotes in the ultimate universe and 616

  6. Silk feels more natural to me since she exists in 616. Spider-Gwen is always a separate universe (at least from what I remember)

  7. Miles is in 616 these days. After Secret Invasion 2015. And either way peter and miles existed in the ultimate universe

  8. These are all the characters I’d like to see appear in the upcoming Spider-Man game. This is purely hypothetical based on my ideal vision of the game. I’d like to hear others’ thoughts and who you all want to see make an appearance in the series :)

  9. Yeah, use Smythe rather than Tinkerer then. I like the idea of acknowledging Swarm and Spidercide Blood Spider since they only appeared in the comic and novel.

  10. The thing with spidercide is that he is a clone and when there's clone in spiderman media u need to include ben reilly and do a clone saga.

  11. I want it to be Harry instead of Eddie because it’d seem like a really big stretch to go out their way to include Eddie given how important Harry is to the general cast . Like a city wide plague was made in his name . Some random nobody asshole reporter with his own cancer and character arc shouldn’t come between a story this personally interwoven between a tight cast. Makes zero narrative sense to.

  12. Dude the game is 40 hrs long, plus they can still involve eddie to the main plot. Plus it sound like u hate eddie brock.

  13. You can’t like Venom as a character and dislike Eddie Brock. They’re almost synonymous. Even more than that, I like Eddie Brock as Venom more than any other character as it’s hosts. I’m only saying it makes absolutely zero narrative sense to include him in the PS5 story.

  14. Eddie and Peter are friendly in this world. In the PS4 game, in one of the backpacks you can find Peter's Fairweather card from the Bugle and everyone including Eddie signed it with a message wishing Peter luck (except for Jonah). So it wouldn't make sense for Eddie to suddenly hate Peter when it's been established Eddie and him or on okay terms. He can still hate Spidey but he looks okay eith Peter here.

  15. Dawg they can make their relationship like spectacular where they go from friend to rival.

  16. As in rewritting a character who were specifically made for an alternate universe with specific circumstances (her universe Peter being Lizard, and dead) to be written as a redundant Spider-character exists alongside the main ones of a particular iteration

  17. There's other way to write her than dimensional transitioning without makin peter being the lizard and u can still make her supporting character.

  18. Dawg u read white clover or something? Heck anti magic aint even asta talent bruh, like read liebe vs asta.

  19. dawg heck bruh, don't you say? woow i never would have guessed that anti magic isn't asta's wooow batchest

  20. Spiderman is a one man army. Being able to pull of things that Osborn pays groups of men to do and no amount of them ever could. How many places has Spiderman slipped in and out of and gotten proof of shady business going on inside? Osborn could use him for black mailing and espoinage in that department. He could use Spidermans braun for any kind of enforcment he needs. Why pay tons of henchmen when Spiderman makes up for all of them? If you're doing some evil and sketchy crap, and he gets in the way, why not see if he could be coerced into helping so you have nothing to worry about?

  21. I agree with it being Osbourne, but not to recruit him, rather to study him. Osbourn is hell bent on saving Harry and we saw he has already invested a lot of time and money into studying spider-man. He thinks spider-mans healing factor can save harry, so he's trying to get all the data he can on him... which ultimately will lead to harry getting the symbiote or something

  22. Same Eddie in the comics already has a tragic life.......his clears throat girlfriend committed su*cide , his father abandoned him, he was fired from the bugle because he wrote an article on the criminal sin-eater revealing his identity only to be proven wrong and the proven right years later but he and the world will never know cause the REAL Sin-eater was killed by Carnage and probably alot of other sad stuff I don't even know about!

  23. I don't know, it seems a pretty big deal to ignore Gwen's story (if she existed) in the first game of the new iteration of Spider-Man you are introducing, so bringing her back in flashbacks for the second game is just pointless meat that won't add up anything aside from being contrived, no depth at all.

  24. Unless they make her spider gwen, i mean sure some don't like it. But its the most logical way

  25. Then it's not Gwen Stacy. We already have two Spider people, they won't bring a third this soon after Miles.

  26. You acting like I just took you through a rocket science course or something. Tf you not understanding?

  27. It wasn’t a fanfic, it was just a villain pitch. Miles deserves better than another “Friend Led Astray” storyline.

  28. Nah just make miles the protag by the 4th game, u can still hv mayday as a side character

  29. That could work too. But Miles could also be the main character of the third game, even if Peter is still playable.

  30. Peter prob retired, plus they prob set a substitute for peter by the 4th to be miles partner since they introducing the dual partner mechanics.

  31. Just because you don't like the idea doesn't mean others wont Take a chill pill

  32. Cause she's one of the most popular character in spider man lore. Plus they need to hv a back up plan if peter cannot be spider man by spider man 4.

  33. How to make me uninterested on this universe with one decision 101

  34. Yeah, yeah, I counted how many times people wanted to kill everyone eversince the death of Hamon, Shiren and the Golden Dawns.

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