1. Any one have any ideas to perhaps fix or alternatives for bendy wire tails longevity?

  2. I agree i like the bendy wire better but i wish they used a stronger material for the wire. We shouldnt have to be super gentle. Cause i wasnt even rough with mine

  3. The hairs are still there but havent really grown any longer or thicker to fill in my hairline sadly. Confused on why that is

  4. My derm prescribed me ciclopirox shampoo 1% and it’s awesome! Gets rid of it after a few washes for me. Really helped when nothing else did.

  5. Yup! I get my scalp to a place where it’s happy and then I use like every other time. Sometimes I find it can dry out my scalp so my hair starts to get a little oily, once that happens I back off and only when my symptoms return do I start using it again. Honestly it buys me a ton of good scalp/hair day time in between so I don’t really mind the cycle

  6. Aw im glad you found something. Did your flakes happen to look like mine? My scalp isnt oily at all. Really dry

  7. Each HasLab is limited to 5 and people do buy multiples.

  8. Tried st11, quite good results. When combined L. plantarum 299v, diet modification and interim fasting SD is completely under control.

  9. For st11 it used to be the one from Galderma marketed in Spain. But cannot find it anymore.

  10. Nah im sure they’ll give Gohan an individual release rather than be an accessory.

  11. He needs an individual release for sure. Cause beast gohan was battle damaged in the movie when it first appeared and its duration in the movie

  12. It’s not impossible but it’s unlikely and overall unnecessary,but at least we got something similar in the form of Wrathful Broly.

  13. I dont think its Unnecessary cause all goku and vegeta have been doing recently is tapping into power that isnt saiyan specific. Ssj4 was like the purest saiyan form concept coming from the great ape. The fact that broly was even able to tap into that kind of power opens a way for themcto introduce ssj4. Ssj4 could be written into the story to be stronger than the god forms. Some day the god form stuff and techniques is going to get old, so resolution to that i could imagine is bringing back a pure saiyan form to the story

  14. They aren’t tapping into Saiyan-specific power because at this point it is very outdated and not nearly as strong as god power,going back to Saiyan power would be regressing in a way.Plus I don’t see a very good reason for an ordinary Saiyan form being stronger than a god reason just because,it worked for Broly because he already had immense power already which is why his Wrathful form and SSJ form were really strong.

  15. Thats what im saying, it could be written in way where a saiyan form matters again. The god forms could only go so far before it starts to get stale for the audience. Why would the story not want to head in a direction that truly shows how powerful saiyans can get with their own true power? And we dont know that it worked for broly just cause of his power. Thats an assumption. Its something broly tapped into. Its not said anywhere that goku and vegeta cant tap into that power as well.

  16. Idk why people are so against the idea of selling it instead of giving it away if it were to have been high woulda been smart to sell it and not give it away. Shoot with that high value money i would buy the kid something even cooler and memorable than to something thats worth lets say $300 but doesnt look as cool to a kid and will probably be in the bottom of a toy bin in less than a week.

  17. I just said the same thing in a reply. The best outcome is the one that benefits 3 people instead of only 1.

  18. Exactly. If you sell it, you can have some money for yourself and enough to get something way better for the kid

  19. If it was nic cages head sure, but absolutely not.

  20. They just need to include Nick's head for all action figures

  21. You know what..thats a fair point. Has to be included no matter what character it is tho.

  22. Absolutely untrue. We have no reason to think that Toriyama would be unable to use Super Saiyan 4 in one of his personally-written stories if he wanted to.

  23. Im glad. You guys basically confirmed what i was thinking. This person insulted me on ig for believing ssj4 has a possibility of being brought back into canon

  24. Well "canon" is nebulous and doesn't really matter in the first place. There's the original core DB/Z manga story, and then there's a whole bunch of divergent spin-offs. Despite the over-glorification of two of the current spin-offs in particular, that's really all there is to it.

  25. I personally think it could happen because of how loved the form is. And cause its concept could totally be rewritten into super. Instead of god kis and techniques like ultra instinct and ultra ego, we can see another pure saiyan form. And have it be really really strong

  26. Contact mercari on this. The buyer literally gives the reason why this 1 star review isnt valid

  27. Y’all are lame for real. Y’all must be old as hell too. Smh I couldn’t imagine caring about what somebody else is selling, ESPECIALLY STICKERS 🤦‍♂️.

  28. Mannerisms are not the same thing as having breasts. There is more to it than just the physical features. These "cartoons" are made for men. It's no different than modern beauty standards. Yes, the model is a woman but she has the body and standards of a young girl. You all are missing the point on what anime is largely based upon.

  29. Thats the thing… what mannerisms are they doing here that a child does?? Never said mannerisms was the same thing as having huge tits.

  30. If they were both at the bottom of the hair shaft I would say it’s your hair bulb. Meaning you pulled out that hair strand from the follicle. Hopefully the derm has some helpful info. If you have itchy scalp, try moisturizing it with oil or conditioner

  31. I find that sometimes its on the bottom and sometimes its on the side. Its really odd

  32. This seems like a question for a dermatologist, they can help with scalp issues.

  33. I know im waiting on a derma appt. Ive been to some bad ones. But this is something i just want to see if people could recognize what it could be

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