1. The most amazing thing about Rubik's cube is how it looks completely shuffled until the last few moves. After that, it's solved all of a sudden.

  2. W1 has a strange combat system (I think it uses Neverwinter Nights’ engine) and they started going more action gameplay with W2, then improved that for W3. W3’s combat is alright, though not as deep as similar games.

  3. I haven't played much rpg games. Tried final fantasy once at a very young age but all these rpg things felt too much for me. Tried dark souls recently and it felt super hard so I dropped that too but then tried it again because the lore felt amazing and loved it so much as I realised I was fighting the demon with a weaker sword. But, for witcher 1, the gameplay felt weird... How Geralt fights and runs is just awkward for some reason... You have to wait after hitting for some seconds... Otherwise it says too fast. Just wanted to know if witcher 3s 'gameplay' is on the similar level as dark souls.

  4. Western rpg like Witcher and jrpg like FF is completely different thing

  5. Amy examples other famous examples of western RPGs? The only games that come to my minds when talking about RPGs are final fantasy and dark souls. Also, kind of liking witcher 1 now. Apart from it being old it still feels fun. Though it's sometimes awkward because of weird NPC interaction lol.

  6. Reminds me of the first time I played dark souls and visited the red dragon bridge. Felt like they took feedback from the people playing on how to make it even harder. I'll advice you to not watch any yt walkthrough.

  7. As for deo I usually use cheap set wet ones as they last decent enough (almost a day) the smell is not special but they cost ~70 for 180ish ml so can't complain. Planning to stick with that. Though might try other similar priced deos.

  8. Ive seen these ads where they send you 3 expensive but small amounts of colognes to wear for around 1 k a month. U could try those.

  9. Thanks! This was my plan but I can't find any reliable website for this. Either the sample is expensive af (almost same price as full bottle) or I doubt they're selling the legit product. I have tried common famous colognes that we have like Park Avenue, engage, etc but now I'm planning to try some better and more globally famous ones. Let me know if you know the name of any trusted site where I can buy samples.

  10. This feels like a question that your high school teacher will ask for proof who himself don't know anything about the subject.

  11. People below 20 ~ 25 LPA are mostly safe.

  12. Good for the creators and people making money off this but please don't. The country will do better without it 🙏

  13. If this deal has expired, you can reply to this comment with deal expired to automatically close it.

  14. They're not that bad if you have good shield. Also, you can always do it the noob way by hitting one with arrow thing.

  15. Nice user flair. How can I have one too? Can't see any option for that in the subreddit.

  16. The only thing that affects the Serpents is who you place the Lordvessel with, bosses don't change anything

  17. Then I wonder why a lot of people were saying to go with Kaathe if they both don't do any huge impact.

  18. Also, is Gwyn still the final boss for me? Because technically I'm still in their side because I have placed the lord vessel but I've killed his son too lol.

  19. I mean, you can get the ninja flip ring by killing one of the members of the covenant, but i dont see any reason to join it other than prevent the npcs from attacking u on your way to sif

  20. Yeah, just killed Sif a few hours ago after doing absolution from the souls I collected after killing the covenant members lol. It was easy farming the souls as they were weak af and dropped good amount of souls.

  21. Thanks. Now I feel lucky making that mistake because they are super easy to kill and respawn every time and also gives 2000 souls for every one of them. Easy souls farming lol.

  22. 2 years later and this comment is true. I used to find git so confusing. I had no problems in learning new technology or languages or doing any fancy 'coding' related stuff but git seemed impossible because of this reason. In all the internships I did I just used UI and asked someone for help on how to push the code because I was confused with the tutorials using master and created a new master branch several times by mistake. Since, it was going okay I never digged deep into it. Now after this later in my career doing little research that they renamed it from master to main. I think all the years I was struggling to understand git was so stupid and I was having impostor syndrome for no reason.

  23. Wtf did I just read lol. Bro tech industry is not a Disneyland. People are getting laid off like nothing. I also play guitar and I'm also a new grad so I can kind of understand what you're talking about but you're just being delusional lol. Keep working hard just have a backup and start from something. That's all.

  24. In Panjim area, rent is bit high and getting a place for Bachlor is quite tough. 7-10 K per person on cot basis for fully furnished flat. In taleigao you may get a 2 bhk furnished flat for around 25-30k. Porvorim is also good option. I suggest you to search in St. Cruz and Merces, rent is low and you still get all amenities. Get a 1 bhk, find a roommate. Your per person rent will be around 6-8k.

  25. It's similar to a hostel. Instead of renting out the entire apartment to one party, the landlord may rent out individual bedrooms or even individual beds. The rest of the apartment is shared with other tenants in the same flat. Works out cheaper than renting out an entire apartment but you'll have to roll the dice as you won't get to choose your roommates.

  26. Good for us. Already enough people hai tech mein + these are the type of people who'll later post cringe posts on LinkedIn after getting a tech job.

  27. I'm from Mumbai. Moved to Goa at the start of the year. Can say with certainty that it was one of the best decisions of my life. Weather is similar, but people are nicer, food and drinks are cheap and roads are pleasant. Just some things to look out for off the top of my head:

  28. That's the most beautiful thing about music. It's the closest thing you can have to a time machine. Another thing that happens to me is listening to new music and getting reminded of summer vibes and a certain season (spring or something if the song has good vibes) and if it's a sad tone or depressing then autumn or winter. It's crazy how music can make us feel so many emotions.

  29. Indian tech community is the saddest place to be in. Once I graduate I'll uninstall fucking linkedin and all that shit. I'll just do leetcode keep interviewing and have a good smile to everyone I work with. That's how you grow. Be positive (so you can get work done from others) and minding your own business.

  30. That's the problem with leetcode. There are always some maths or greedy or some puzzle type problems which you can never solve. You can improve on dp, graph, etc but for topics like the one I said above you have to solve them before hand.

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