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  1. We believe in you. You took time to write this post, that means you can still do it.

  2. The fact that you talked to your therapist about it, deep down, maybe in your subconscious you want to live.

  3. I don't know much about this kind of thing but maybe you should confess your feelings to her so you can move on. Good luck

  4. I already know she doesn't like me, so I don't see a point. I know she likes that other guy. But that dream felt so real, i quite literally cried. My roommate asked me if I was alright.

  5. The confession is so that she can reject you and you can move on. The friendship probably won't last but it's the best thing for you I think.

  6. I don't think it will matter honestly, because I already acepted that she pretty much rejected me, albeit indirectly. But thanks anyways. I accepted that there's no chance with her, but I still think about her.

  7. My physics class only got to torque, cuz Im a quarter system so maybe thats why its different. Also, yeah, I feel ya, I only learned that g = -9.8m/s^2

  8. I feel like anti maskers sometimes forget one thing. Not all of us are wearing masks because of covid, but because we are sick. Now, normally I don't wear masks, but when I get sick I wear my mask.

  9. Because this site promises some "90 days and you're good" nonsense. No, the goal should be to stop forever. And people who claim that's not possible shouldn't be listened to.

  10. The 90 days is to serve as a small step as a kind, so it doesn't seem daunting. After 90 days, 100 days, after that, you just keep going, but we all know the end game is to never do it again. What helped me achieved so far is that after my last relapse, I primed myself and truly prepared myself to face the reality that I shall never ever do it again, and thus, by altering my mindset, it helped me a lot.

  11. I am literally the most frugal college student so far. I spend so little, living by the bare minium. I supposedly gave a $500 allowance per quarter for personal expenses, but I have spent only $16 so far.

  12. I know this is necrpost but I just got back to the game from a three year break and I also have light mecha Bo but they’re not giving me the pin.

  13. Working out was the best decisions I ever made. Good on you for that. I'm hoping at the end of the year, i'm gonna smash some PRs.

  14. Personal records. I don't suggest you to do it if you just started. It's basically a one rep max. You can only do one rep of it because it's hard. This is the first time I'm gonna be attempting it too.

  15. I think most 18 yo guys like me are horny but unlike them I curb my desire. The biological urge is always there, but I don't watch porn, I don't fap at all. I reject thirst trap and dont llook at weird pics. I am uninterested in hooking up, sex, or relationships because I'm focused on grinding for myself.

  16. it's all cognitive dissonance. It shows just how smart and stupid our brains are at the same time.

  17. Damn, the cognitive dissonance. I know how that feels. Like you look up stuff to confirm your own little bias to allow yourself to fap, but you regret it in the end all the damn time.

  18. Nah haha i didnt even look for a reason to fap on muvas its funny bc i had no real urge to masturbate during that time i just wanted to fuck haha thats the difference g but its all good tho i acknowledge where i messed up and just gotta learn from it and keep moving forward πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  19. you're not stupid, you just had a misunderstanding. The other guy probably feels stupid too. Doesn't mean he is either. Just because you guys had 2 different thoughts doesn't mean the one person is right or wrong, you can both be right at the same time.

  20. My urges this thanksgiving went thru the roof for some reason. I think it was all the weird thanksgiving thirst trap shit that appeared outta nowhere creeping into my subconscious.

  21. Just had another one yesterday and a huge ass wet dream. Goddamnit. Yknow the worst part, the moment I ejaculate from my wet dream I actually wake up.

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