1. Coincidentally, Nick Bosa was also traumatized by "dark energy"

  2. ha.. haha… HAHAHAHAHAA. It’s gets better the longer I look at it lmao.

  3. Ehh, I have no issue rooting for the Chiefs. There are 31 teams I’d root for, without shame, over sitting through an Eagles Super Bowl

  4. I fucking hate the Chiefs, and having been in Missouri the past 4 months listening to all the fucking noise about their stupid team has driven me mad... Fuck Andy Cheeseburgers! I refuse!

  5. You're like a kid arguing about what's served at the adult table during thanksgiving.

  6. Grew up in south central PA almost on the Maryland border as a strong cowboys fan and a diehard orioles fan (check my post history). When the ravens came around, I adopted them as my AFC team. I’ve lived in Kansas City for several years now and kinda fell in love with the chiefs as well, but most Sundays I go to the Baltimore bar here in KC for a taste of home.

  7. So we're just not counting that wildcard game against the Cowboys?

  8. playing QB under Shanahan is a death sentence. I don’t think the octogenarian can take it.

  9. Someone posted something on NFCWmemewar about hiring Roggers lol. If he really wants to retire then going over there will fast track it for him.

  10. I see. So the key is to remain in a state of denial. You’re a good teacher

  11. I would like to stay and continue this chat but we're starting to agree on things and that violates the unwritten of Reddit

  12. It happened in Ohio. Are we positive Zeke wasn’t involved?

  13. Oh I didn’t know he was ever accused of rape, I just knew he went to Ohio State.

  14. He got straight D’s, so they called him Drew

  15. Kind of like the 9ers coming into our sub to shit all over us and the Eagles? Funny how that works.

  16. I’ll never forgive him for the Seattle fumble. As I’ll never forgive Patrick Crayton for dropping a wide open slant that would have iced the game, allowing the giants to come back and eventually win the Super Bowl.

  17. What I want to know is why the fuck was he still the holder after he had replaced Bledsoe weeks earlier? That shit always baffled me.

  18. Maybe, just maybe the 49ers have a huge weakness called protecting the passer. On all 4 injuries someone on the 49ers failed to protect the quarterback

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