1. Supervillains dress up in colorful spandex, they get code names, and they get more plot armor.

  2. Caden James should be terrible and so should fyers. Fyers really never had a background behind him, why most people like him is because of nostalgia and he was the flashback villain in the first season. He was just a mercenary. Caden james should be terrible aswell, if he's so smart and brilliant tech guy. how come he doesnt investigate his sons death.

  3. Cayden James was very well acted, but terribly written. That’s why he’s so high.

  4. Can anyone tell me who the guy between Ra's and Damien is?

  5. Yep I would have to say that you're forgetting something: he tested previously other Earths with the Book of Destiny to see if all of them would end up being not only strong enough but good enough as Oliver deciphered it in Elseworlds. Earth-1 was the one where they passed that test.

  6. Aren’t there infinite earths? So there are infinite earths that would pass the test?

  7. Idea: Norman could just wear some creepy, messy, green face paint. That way, he still has Dafoe’s terrifying face, along with the green goblin face.

  8. I don’t get how that’s controversial. Season 1 had arguably the best team and characters, second to S2 or S3.

  9. Yeah but at least he had powers unlike another Thug who also uses fire

  10. So it's Lewis's fault that Leonard robbed those ATMs lies, snart is no puppet we all know there's no strings on him

  11. didn’t Mick appear a few times with Snart in Flash episodes before Legends

  12. Yes, but that was a year earlier. In the fall of 2015, all the Legends appeared in a Flash or Arrow episode, except Mick.

  13. Blame covid. This was the best way to handle action scenes while they filmed in restricted conditions.

  14. It really wasn’t. The only times I can really recall him using it in Season 2-5 are during his first fight with Zoom, his fight with Hawkman, and his fight with Ray, Kara, and Jax.

  15. Trust me, I'm on a rewatch, and it has been used way more than that.

  16. Even though I love the redesigns and I think that with the exception of Sandman, they’re all massive upgrades, a small part of me would have liked the designs to be the exact same, for maximum nostalgia. That’s just the fanboy in me, though.

  17. that's not fanboy, you know how many people wanted Electro changed but then missed the old design when NWH came around.

  18. I mean, I just hate it cuz how they portrayed the Mandarin, but to each their own...

  19. I wouldn’t have minded the Mandarin twist if Killian was an actually good villain. Before the reveal, Trevor was shaping up to be a great villain, but they replaced him with a much lamer villain in Killian.

  20. Have you not seen season two, episode 04 "Crucible" and episode 13 "Heir to the Demon," lately?! They have both covered Sara Lance's backstory of how she ended up in Lian Yu and how she eventually joined the League of Assassins and met Ra's Al-Ghuul's daughter, Nyssa. In fact, most of the flashback scenes of season two covered Sara Lance's time on Lian Yu and how she reunited with Oliver Queen.

  21. I feel like you might as well watch Snart and Firestorm’s setup episodes as well, Flash 2x03 and 2x04.

  22. Wait, I thought it was only in season one.

  23. Snart appeared in Flash 1x04, 1x10, 1x16, and 1x22, with a cameo in 1x23. He also appeared in Flash 2x03 and 2x09, with a cameo in 2x01.

  24. Here’s an idea. Don’t have another big bad. Have a second, and much bigger Civil War. Shake things up a bit.

  25. Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Gorilla Grodd, Elastic Man, Kid Flash, Speedforce

  26. They can just use other journalist characters for any storyline that needs him, would be weird to force a revival and may confuse causal watchers

  27. There are Ben Urich specific storylines where you can’t really replace him with another reporter e.g. the whole Phil Urich/Hobgoblin arc.

  28. To make a potion there will come a point where you need ingredients from magical plants and animals that live in hidden locations. That will likely include not just Hogwarts grounds, but other protected places muggles can't travel to.

  29. Yeah, but if you gave a Muggle some magical ingredients and instructed them in what to do, then they should be able to brew a potion.

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