1. I still have a tiny piece of that hash coin! It was 🔥! Silly me, when i bought it, i though, "gee, this works great! I can start just getting these, and i will be good!" And as usual, I've never seen them again.

  2. Man, I know. I enjoyed the taste and effects for sure, I’d pick it up again if they produced it. I do recall it being pretty expensive for what it was too..maybe there just wasn’t enough demand (especially at a higher price point). I hear you though, it can definitely be frustrating out there.

  3. I think i paid like $120 for it. Which, no doubt, is ridiculous....but i would still pay it for quality and consistency.

  4. Random but saw ancient roots released hash coins again and the price dropped majorly. Picked mine up for $40 and some change not on sale…keep an eye out..they are floating around.

  5. Found some flower hidden away from about 8 years ago that was in a baggie and a glasses case..pretty well turned to dust when you touched it. Threw it in a jar with a Boveda 58 and after a couple weeks it’s like a completely different flower and feels like fresh(ish) bud. Did it more of an experiment than anything..not rushing to sample lol

  6. Late to the game here…picked up a half of this under the Supply brand about a month ago. Had the same green smell. I through it in a jar with some Boveda packs and it’s lost most of the green odor and the terp smells are peaking through now. But it’s definitely on the not to buy again list. Slowly working my way through this half 😑

  7. I had tropic truffle from them. It was super nice imo. Very lemony and a nice light sativa. I suggest that over outer space, but I've never had their outer space strain so idk 🤷🏻

  8. Appreciate the feedback! Any terpinolene or ocimene hanging out in the truffle by chance?

  9. Nope. Not terpinolene, at least. I don't remember if I saw ocimene or not. Those are some of my favs too. I remember the top one being limonene

  10. Right on..I picked up the headband x trainwreck from supply a few weeks ago and it’s a nice combo of those two terps if you are looking for any flower with that combo right now. Not super strong but gets me going.

  11. Got the Pluto Red Pop..nothing to be too excited about. Terps are fairly weak and the high is okay. It’s not offensive but not something I will seek out again. Maybe it will be better in a couple runs but this one most likely isn’t what you are looking for.

  12. I thought it was a toilet plunger

  13. Same. Had a drain issue the other day and thought Reddit was optimizing content as a result of my searches.

  14. Are you looking for quantity or quality? If quality, hit Ann Arbor and checkout Winewood and Information Entropy. Great deals on bulk stuff at the border but didn’t love the quality personally. Also worth check out

  15. If by chance they were also midnight tokin', then I think I have an ID for you.

  16. You should tell them cause they might give you anesthesia or other drugs for the surgery and having a tolerance to THC might actually prevent those drugs for the surgery from working.

  17. Agree with this. If you are going under anesthesia you really need to tell the doc and be honest about your amount and frequency of use. It’s been found that cannabis consumers may need higher amounts of anesthesia to achieve the same result as a non-consumer..last thing you want is to wake up in the middle of a procedure

  18. Eating Pizza Cottage is like the reddit jolly rancher story.

  19. I had to look up the jolly rancher story. I’m never going to think of pizza cottage the same.

  20. “Bidet reviews 2022”, “poop color chart”, “what is my poop trying to tell me”, “how many bowel movements per day is normal”, “accidentally flushed non-flushable wipes”.

  21. Agree with everything said above so I won’t repeat. Cannabis has been a huge help with making me not focus on the discomfort and helping ease my anxiety. There’s a balance between CBD:THC that works best for me. It works different for everyone and overuse leads to more anxiety for me, which causes more IBS symptoms. Overall, it’s been a positive addition to my self-care routine.

  22. Anyone else think that was rather phallic at first glance. You do the double take too? Weird day.

  23. I know this post is old but I have family ties to the land and given the chance I know of some people who would purchase it for preservation purposes. I believe there is also some protections from development, but with mining close by and underneath the forest its not a great feeling. Whatever the future, I hope it’s preserved and defended against development.

  24. It's not the gluten that makes me shit my brains out....its the sheer amount of oreos I consume, I'll eat a 3rd of a package without blinking. Lmfao.

  25. That’s the truth..”idk why my morning shit is always so bad doc, I only have a couple Oreos before bed”..meanwhile I eat at minimum 8. They bring me some joy least while eating them lol

  26. Omg exciting! I had to stop gluten 16 years ago so it's been a long time since I had oreos

  27. I think they did a great job of recreating the original version. I’ve always got some on hand lol.

  28. I have a Winnie too! She’s almost always just Win but often Winnie girl, Win Dog, Winifred, Win Doodle, Doodles, Tootie (morphed from Doodles haha). The list goes on and on 😹

  29. Lol Tootie! she’s been called Tootles a lot here recently. Occasionally she gets Windolyn and Windoodle..basically add Win to anything lol

  30. I call her winstar or Winnie the floof😂

  31. I would start referring to the administration by their full names, always. First, middle, last. No shortening, no nicknames, no married names (as you’re apparently not allowed to change it), no pronouns ever. Not even using “I” for myself as that against the rules.

  32. It’s been a few months but I liked it enough I bought it twice. Didn’t necessarily blow my socks off but it’s a consistent, dependable choice that worked for me and was a decent value.

  33. Just arrived here looking for alternatives to use with my aero press in place of the V60 02 server..mine broke this morning as I was applying the most minimal amount of down-pressure while brewing m cup. Definitely consider a steel sever if you haven’t made the purchase yet haha

  34. I built a couple earlier this year. Threw some linseed oil on one and left the other dry as a sort of experiment to see if it makes a difference. Noticeable difference in appearance of color between the two course and the color on the untreated planter is starting to fade a bit.

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