1. Maybe I’m just a glass half-full guy but I think eventually Naughty Dog will circle back to Jak and Daxter

  2. With how popular games like Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank still are I don’t see any reason for them not to. Just because it’s cartoonish doesn’t mean adults can’t love these games. Jak and Daxter still has a huge audience

  3. It’s basically a Come to Life remake lol not their most creative work

  4. Imagine bitching about spending $11 a month for basically infinite music? I can’t either

  5. It’s hard to make friends as an adult because depression kicks into 7th gear and people stop being honest about their feelings, not to mention social situations as an adult never last long enough for anyone to really break each other’s superficial barriers

  6. Another showerthought about dicks, what a surprise. This sub used to be good

  7. Take a picture of them and post it on Reddit, they’ll tell you what to do with them

  8. For such a terrible show, the amount of publicity it’s getting is a little ironic

  9. 10 hours into the game everything was too easy right up to the end, even on hard difficulty. The game isn’t balanced well at all. Had the same issue with The Witcher 3. Love that game, but 10 hours in you’re just plowing through baddies

  10. Another Showerthought about porn, what a surprise. This sub used to be good

  11. Not at all really, people have jobs and stuff ya know

  12. He puts it all inside of his mouth, that’s why he never speaks

  13. Because it’s a song that millions of people can relate to

  14. It’s impossible to get a date on this ship. Everyone i talk to, even on the citadel, just wants to fuck the commander! How can I compete? My love life is doomed…

  15. Corey Taylor’s a lot of things. A good lyricist isn’t one of them

  16. So much for streaming being a consumer-friendly alternative to cable/satellite. It costs just as much or more than cable to watch all your favorite shows now, and given how unreliable internet connections are in a lot of places the quality is usually worse, so what was the point exactly?

  17. It’s normalized because normal people aren’t fuckin’ scared of their own shadow. Thousands of years of brutality and plague but apparently driving a car is the scariest thing people deal with now and it’s the end of the world I guess. The human race is so fuckin soft now it makes me sick

  18. Do you know how tiny chicken’s brains are? They can’t even fathom which way is up or down half the time lol have you seen them walk? A chicken’s POV isn’t exactly worth much

  19. I see that guitar on the right and all I think of is Jerry Cantrell’s blue dress Rampage lol

  20. It’s Nintendo. Everything’s a mystery when it comes to this company

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