1. People need to quit saying UOM is gonna be anni servant.

  2. Fully agree here. Keep her till Anniversary or not put her into gacha at all would be beyond cruel after all these teasing

  3. [[S Andrew Swann's Proposal]] indeed, as it is the only real one

  4. Not really. That's the problem with Saber Artoria in FGO and the fact that Nasu doesn't want to do anything with her in game to make it explicit that she is the same Artoria from FSN and does remember 5th Holy Grail War. Nor does he want to explain how Artoria from FSN is in Chaldea except for this "Properly speaking, she is a Heroic Spirit that appears not a Servant, but as a special guardian." but that just brings more questions

  5. FGO Artoria is more amalgamation of all routes, she has memories from all of them

  6. Indeed, no this one, no or only cutscenes or simply damaging AK etc

  7. This how Master's bonding with Britomart look like, after her taking bath together proposal

  8. The basic answer is yes, but for your own Chaldea you might find a different answer.

  9. Ars Almadel Salomonis, because its fucking Ars Almadel Salomonis

  10. Swanns exist on a naturally higher narrative layer than them, but Constants can jump to higher layers. The highest thing under the current Metafoundation model is the Mind/Sub-Mind, which creates the entire narrative stack in its mind.

  11. Chaldea happy family photo. Probably the most strange but simultaneously beautiful family in fiction

  12. Arcuied. She already had a boyfriend in a different timeline. So, I am eager to see what she says and does during the valentines

  13. There's already married people in the game that give Guda a Valentine's with little issue, I don't see how they'd do anything different with her that they haven't done with them

  14. Third ascension specifically noted to be FGO what if version who never met Roa and Shiki. So fair game and would be honest to make her romanceable for FGO fans imo

  15. Cause here in Chaldea we all prefer using VOID DUST

  16. SCP-001 Andrew Swann proposal, or simply true SWANN. We are stronk

  17. Just Shishou inviting Master for promised lap pillow from bond 5 line, and look like it would be only beginning/prelude ;)

  18. Nope. What’s absolutely crucial here is that 3812 is an ascending entity, not an entity with all-power. Therefore, an entity with more power and more control over narratives controls the verse.


  20. Read it, I considered it get personel article. Thanks anyway

  21. Kiara or Kama. I am not a saint like Guda, it will end soon

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