1. Kratom, lidocaine, and believe it or not cold meds with dextromethorphan. As much cold meds as you can take without overdosing on the acetaminophen.

  2. I'll be sure to remember the American media's newfound respect for draft dodgers, war resisters, and conscientious objectors. Suddenly when it's another country's illegal invasion deserters are thoughtful moral heroes instead of commie traitors to be drummed out of public dialog.

  3. If you chose to accept the deal that you would cook and clean, why did you think that he would stop being selfish after you chose to carry his baby to term?

  4. It doesn't matter if it's reasonable or not to anyone but you. Some people would be fine with it, some wouldn't. You can choose to put the baby up for adoption and move to Costa Rica, or choose to let your boyfriend do whatever he wants without resentment. It's entirely up to you.

  5. Do you have a bunch of Maoist friends you could give them to? You could start a new Panthers chapter with them.

  6. Make a list of the things you're angry about, ordered from biggest to smallest.

  7. You definitely have the wrong attitude to be carrying a gun around. I CCW and I wouldn’t dream of exposing an open carried weapon to someone with the intent of making them feel threatened.

  8. Capitalist greed is the reason we have hungry children in this country. How is that $300 insulin treating you? Hopefully your upcoming toe amputations don't bankrupt you! But at least we don't have to discuss politics right?

  9. Nice job! Can you leak any damaging data about the LDS extortion racket?

  10. Carry a gun. Unionize your workplace. Wear functional clothing. Read Marx. Learn to garden. Wear sunscreen. Become an expert in a subject that improves the world. Avoid bankers and their police henchmen. Recognize your privilege. Volunteer in service of others.

  11. Just make sure you protect your daughter and yourself. She needs a dad who is present for the most important moments of her life. You need someone to make school success possible. You both need to sleep at night knowing your partner and father is there for you, not wondering what he's doing or who he's with.

  12. Tell her that you need her to join you in couples counseling, and have her own therapist established within 3 months. Privately set a calendar reminder in 3 months to hire a divorce lawyer. Your needs are no more negotiable than hers.

  13. Part of being an adult is having lots of choices, but also big consequences. You chose to go school while working. Impressive! Then you added a romantic relationship to your busy schedule. Fine. Then you choose to get your partner pregnant before you finished school. OK, you're an adult. Then every day you chose to keep the pregnancy, stay with the mom, stay in school, keep your job, not flee to a desert island, etc.

  14. If your job isn't unionized, talk to your coworkers about forming a union. We just had a dad whose boss denied his paternity leave because he had no union to protect him.

  15. What did your union steward say? That's why we have unions- to protect the workers who create all value from parasitic sadists in HR and the corporate boardroom.

  16. It’s county government work, so no unions for us. I have worked for my department for over a decade and have worked closely with our upper management, so I’m going to see if they may be able to help with this.

  17. Ouch. Well as the saying goes, the best time to unionize was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

  18. I really only watched the 23 to 40 second mark like you said. He racked it and was clearly in the high gun position and not flagging you at all. I don’t understand what you want to file a grievance over. If it happened later on in the video then ok. Like i said, i only watched the times you stated.

  19. Of course, I was the problem here. It wasn't the guy who blindly changed lanes but me who was traveling in my lane. Thanks for your insight.

  20. You can be right and still crash. We all saw the stopped vehicle in the left lane. We all saw you match speed and stay in their blind spot. Given the situation in front of you, you could have sped up and allowed them to merge behind you, or slowed down and made room for them to merge in front. But you stayed in the blind spot, leaving enough room for a bad decision, but not enough room to maintain a safety buffer. So what do you think you did correctly here? In your ideal outcome, would the other driver have slammed on their brakes to stay in their lane? That would have been the alternative to a quick merge that keeps traffic flowing. Why did you want that? Why not just pass them before they reached the stopped vehicle? It's so silly and pointless.

  21. If you use a knife to cut a capital H in the sod, with the plant in the middle of the cross bar, you can open up two flaps to remove the plant without disturbing the sod. You won't even be able to see the incision afterward.

  22. No, it all goes to the same place. Arteries are highways, veins are back roads, digestive tract is the slow boat.

  23. This is the most openly racist comment that I've seen on Reddit.

  24. Who is teaching these infants to be racist against spiders? I'm outraged!

  25. Pretty easy, but twice daily chores and you only get a couple pounds of meat for every 20 minutes of slicing up an adorable little animal. Do you have enough grass to do free range chickens instead?

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