What is the worst thing about being skinny?

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  1. It was likely just so the pins reset so he didn’t have to shoot at a tough spare. He was giving himself another opportunity to shoot at a full rack since he fouled.

  2. I’m new to bowling but it looks like you could get your hand under the ball a bit more and come around more aggressively to generate more hook. The shot you took missed right so if you’d have hooked more it likely would’ve struck. Other than that your walk up and slide look nice, again I’m just a newby.

  3. It’s a joke cause his chest is gone, meaning his heart would also be gone, rendering Pulse useless against him

  4. Only if you are focusing on shiny checks more than catching. If you catch everything, you'll get 300 at most. Shiny rates are ~1/28. So you'll get maybe 10 shinies. Most people get only 5 cause they get distracted by other things, have to move, etc etc.

  5. God I read this without opening OPs full post and got the fear that I might have to evolve another feebas for the cosmog research…. I only just evolved my second one last month to finish that thousand years tast

  6. Well congrats, you have a good amount of the shinies I want real bad lol. And my collect is around 80 unique shinies 🫠

  7. When I’m lying on my side, I can’t put both knees in the same spot, the bone-on-bone sensation is really unpleasant.

  8. Feeling my ribs against my arms, or all my bones for that matter when I’m trying to sleep. My knees, ankles, arms, I put blankets or pillows between them so I’m not poking myself with my own bones.

  9. Dragon grunts giving shadow eggs? I got a dratini off mine.

  10. Mine was Zapdos, I had all of the original ones from the first 2 years of pogo

  11. Same dude. I got all of em in the first two years but missed zapdos in raids. Then took a 2-3 year break and came back this year and raided Zapdos and got a shiny on my first catch to finish the Dex.

  12. Nice, I still need a Hydreigon and a Rhyperior. My Hydreigon 1st evolution is only 2 star and I can't find any better ones lol. And I'm out of sinnoh stones for Rhyperior

  13. Guessing you missed deino com day? Play the December community day and you’ll get a chance at plenty more, including the community day move for it

  14. Definitely wait for the raid day. Chance are you’ll get another just as good, or maybe a hundo, and it will also most likely be a shiny too!

  15. Here with the word twisting again. Are you doing this on purpose or? Like, are you trying to manipulate ppl or are you delusional yourself? Honestly can't tell.

  16. It’s a Yu-Gi-Oh! card reference, please find a way to stop being so bothered by how other people live their lives lmao

  17. Than I wonder, am I suppose to use the mysterious objects they drop?

  18. Where you caught the Pokémon signifies nothing that can show where you live.... it shows where you caught it. Which are 2 different things.....what you trying to hide? Lol

  19. why is this downvoted? he’s literally saying thank you for the suggestion

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