1. My sister spoke to a lawyer about a medical malpractice issue. She was advised that she should seek out a lawyer that specializes in that. However, she was also advised that successfully suing a doctor is very difficult. Unfortunately, the medical industry has deep pockets and can afford to drag cases on for so long, that the case ends up just being dropped.

  2. I am just curious, why is a couple having sex in their own apartment disrespectful? Should they get in their car and drive to a secluded place instead? It would certainly be a mood killer. Especially with these chilly temperatures.

  3. The lack of concern for their volume is disrespectful. To not consider those around you, and involuntarily bring them into your otherwise private moment, is disrespectful.

  4. Unless someone is being mischievous, and says lets get loud to bother the neighbours, sure.

  5. Try and find a job as a receptionist somewhere. With all of your customer service experience, that is a big plus.

  6. During: Ask if there are any options about staying, changing departments.

  7. Some people use what is in there to invest. It stays within the tax free designation, so whatever is earned is not taxable. With some good investments, comes a littles some spending.

  8. I would speak to your life agent about having policies put in place for your children. It may sound odd, but the earlier that you can apply for coverage for them, the better. The reasoning behind it, is that once they are in the system, then at least coverages are available for them. However, if you wait, and then they develop some sort of critical illness, then that will preclude them from purchasing coverages, or at minimum limit what is available for them.

  9. Life insurance makes it easier to tide you over after the death of an income earner. Children do not typically contribute to household income.

  10. I understand that. But the point is, if the child has a policy of their own in place prior to develop=ping some kind of critical illness, then at least they have coverages going forward.

  11. Technically you owe the first month of the notice, and LMR covers the 2nd month.

  12. Just curious, is there any incentive for the landlord to do that? I'm not a landlord, but I'd rather have 18 days to fix up the place if I'm getting the same amount of money either way.

  13. No, there's no incentive doing it that way, but sometimes a good tenant needs a place sooner not later.

  14. Just wait until electric cars become mandatory. Hydro One are waiting in the sidelines, rubbing their greedy hands with glee.

  15. I would stay home. You will probably get more done remotely than the time lost in potential transit delays. It's a win win. More production for your employer, and you can manage your child's home day.

  16. If this is concerning you, then request that the lender acknowledge that the co-signer does not need to live in the residence. If the lending agent and lawyer are correct, then this shouldn't be a problem.

  17. Best to talk to a mortgage broker. Also, is that $500k in the stocks account cash or actually in stocks ? If it's cash, then great. if it's in actual stocks, you will have to pay tax when you cash them out.

  18. You might want to buy one that has a vacant unit, and move into it. I am pretty sure that that will allow you the 5% down payment.

  19. A lot of people would take the cushy job with better pay, and just going through the motions.

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