1. That child is so well mannered and sweet! Must be some proud parents!

  2. Wherever you are (Im at the extreme end, I barely washed my dishes today without anxiety, otherwise Im bedridden) start with the minimum thing you can think of. Is it 10 pushups? 5? even 3? Start at the minimum and build up very slowly. A little more every day. Maybe not even every day. Maybe you can only do 3 for a week, that is alright, but keep doing it, and increase it slowly when you can. Keep that up for a longer period and you will see results.

  3. I should mention I am lvl 82 and working on finding better gear. Just running pindle, shenk, and eldrich . Still pretty budget gear. I have 2/20 gloves and titans revenge, peace armor, rhyme shield. MF rings and ammy.

  4. Make a spirit monarch shield and Treachery Armor and start running cows as well. You'll most likely get some really good bases you can trade for and thus get better gear that way.

  5. So you played like 3 times a year for 20 years? Edit:haha to be fair it is easy to miss uniques that come from normal bases because people are generally farming hell and rushing through normal difficulty quickly.

  6. That's probably why yeah haha

  7. As people said: Yes, but the fire res are usually higher so more difficult to break. However, with the new Sunder Charms, Infinity gets way better now for both fire and cold even tho it only reduces -17 after the sunder charm.

  8. I think the joke got over your head :)

  9. You literally did the same post as me, but 4 minutes after mine… lol

  10. My god, great minds think alike. I'm sorry though didn't see yours!

  11. Isn't this planned already tho? I thought that every end of a ladder would see the patches go to single player aswell as non-ladder?

  12. You'll want to find some teleport staff or start saving for that Enigma. You can basically tele stomp anything in the game and be fine.

  13. Yeah I know that but I feel like you shouldn't be dependent on a spell charged item or THE end game armor for it to work properly, you know?

  14. Alright, Enigma was made and boy do my hammerdin slap. Forgot how OP he is. Doing p7 Chaos Sanctuary with ease now holy shietz

  15. Hahaha you recognized my name, brilliant! Don't know that anyone has made the connection and commented it to me before.

  16. Huge LFC supporter, couldn't miss it if I wanted to haha

  17. How many hours did it take to get this? I'm starting to think LK runs aren't worth the time. This season I haven't gotten anything yet. Last season all I got was 2 LO runes and only 1 was from the super chests.

  18. It took around 1½-2 weeks of a couple of hours a day grinding. As someone stated, it's only worth doing in singleplayer on players7. I did also get 7 mal, 4 ist, 3 vex, 4 gul, 2 ohm, 2 Lo and 2 Sur.

  19. I'd say it is definitely worthy, but not optimal since it isn't ethereal

  20. not really, too many fire immunes. I mean, you can beat the game on players 1 but its a pain to farm with

  21. Make Enigma or Infinity. Your half way there and those are the biggest game changer items in the game (Inf less so, now with Sunder Charms tho)

  22. It's worth what someone is willing to pay. I have over paided for runes before.

  23. You can't have the concept of overpaying if you believe that the worth of something is what someone is willing to pay. It's either or.

  24. i’m having this same problem, please tell me you found some help on it !!?

  25. Not really. Been using chewing gum and some hard candy. Alleviates it a little

  26. Shael instead imo, Crossbows generally suffer from bad Attack Speed frame rates (even tho it already has 80%)

  27. I have no idea where this Bobby Resurgence has come from, but I'm here for it!

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