1. Wouldn't that be hitting internal organs? Maybe she's really really tall. Or a hentai character.

  2. Depends on the woman I suppose. Have you ever seen any of hotkinkyjo's videos? Some can handle a fucking fire hydrant apparently.

  3. So what are you thinking of naming your kids?

  4. They are already named. Regular boring names, not even quirky spellings.

  5. A certain aunty going through her third divorce: "I just can't find the right man!"

  6. She doesn't realise she is the problem. Maybe she does but doesn't care. Either way, I'm glad family reunion season is over for now.

  7. That's very good. It's really not worth it.. speaking from experience.. so many regrets..

  8. Literally every mammal produces milk for their young ones (with very few exceptions)

  9. I also work in pharmacy and had an elderly lady who used to complain about how uncomfortable they were to use and that she had to throw away underwear due to the bleeding, she had been using them over a month and had not been unwrapping them. They are covered in "remove from package" tags and are made intentionally sharp so no one would force them up with it on, I forced RPH consultation multiple times to have it explained much like with a candy bar you unwrapped before use, she eventually transferred to another pharmacy cause we were the morons.

  10. fun fact, all those posts are mine, I accidentally dived into a rabbit hole of giant vegetables and fruits

  11. The giant carrot looked freaky and gave me goosebumps. It was like 50 carrots fought and merged in an unholy union

  12. My husband and I have been together for almost 15 years and we both have ADHD, though complete opposite types. When we first got together, we had really intense fights (being young, alcohol and all that) and honestly it took a LOT of work for us to be as "adult" as we are today. This is cliche advice but communication and compromise is very important.

  13. The short stories aren't too bad. It's the tall stories you have to watch out for.

  14. Ugh I always forget that and end up one-hand-fingers wrestling with my husband's..... this is TMI isn't it..

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