SFW Repost: 69,420 shares locked away.

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Some of you are still skeptical about short squeezes. You think they happen very rarely, and only a lucky few have ever profited off them. You believe it could never be YOU. Well, let me show that 'miracles' DO happen, a lot more often that you think, and all in ways that $BBBY has in its favour!!!

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  1. G4ni says:

    What did i start with my comment, hahaha

  2. i thought this was a shitpost until i looked at the nft gif and he really does wink. this matrix stuff is gettin wild

  3. I bet you could look at the senior employees list of any of the major Hedge Funds, and find at least one person that has previously worked at each and every one of the major US-headquartered Wall Street Prime Brokers (GS, JPM, BOA, MS, WF, Citi) and Market Makers (Citadel, Virtu, Jane Street).

  4. Because you said: "that last low volume day was followed by the share price more than doubling the next day...", but where´s the information in that ??? Because the volume had been even lower than that and the share price hadn´t doubled !

  5. Well, I did say in the title of the post that it was looking at daily volume over the last couple of months only, and not before that. And in any case, this is my "theory" of what a few low volume days could result in for the price action:

  6. But the volume had been similarly low two & three days before the day you´re mentioning. I mean, if we want it to be correct :)

  7. Not really. Last week's volume was much higher than today, on each day:

  8. what about the actual number of shares they reportd after the documents they released? 330 million outstanding shares???

  9. Short Interest is calculated using the Float. Even if Shares Outstanding increases, the Float does not necessarily change until it is reported to have increased or decreased. Which has not been the case with BBBY, and remains at a little over 65 million.

  10. Float is calculated by taking the difference of outstanding shares and closely held shares.

  11. This is a different topic to what the post was specifically about, but I think those additional shares will also become 'closely held' when the float gets recalculated with latest data.

  12. When it comes to trading he’s probably right… which is why we used BUY & HODL investing to break the system 🦍🚀🌝🍻

  13. This is not something that I think they should do, but just thinking out loud...

  14. They only have $100 million authorized for buybacks.

  15. Yeah, as I said was just thinking out loud about what market mechanics would occur. Wasn't really tied to what has been authorised etc.

  16. OP - That's a one day chart. Do the 4 hour charts tell the same story.

  17. Basically all the various forms of TA point to a reversal. Which is not a surprise, given how much this thing has been driven down in recent weeks. The question is, whether there will be a let-up in the manipulation.

  18. Every time this happened in the past, nothing happened

  19. That's obviously not correct. On 15 out of the last 15 times, something has happened. And as the data I am sharing here shows, on 12 out of those was a price run-up (almost always of at least $4 or more).

  20. I guess this is the price for avoiding bk. Better this then bk. Am I wrong?

  21. You realise that all types of forecasting are based on probabilities? Meaning nothing is absolutely guaranteed, just different probabilities from just over 0% up to just under 100%. I wonder if you have experienced seeing a weather forecast for 80% chance of rain, and then it just being cloudy all day? Is that something to get terribly upset about?

  22. If a spin-off would happen would we get anything out of it? Like shares from owning the current company?

  23. Depends on the exact deal, but usually shares of the spun-off company (whilst keeping BBBY stock).

  24. I made a DD post regarding AMCs upcoming Reverse Split and took a deeper look at the mechanics behind it (regardless the stock) and how an RS actually can not only expose but really stir things up for naked shorts - are we allowed to link to different subs here? Could apply for Bobby as well because of the naked shorts we just know about.

  25. Yes, you can link on this sub. Please share, and feel free to send me the link to the post. Would be interested to read your findings on that topic.

  26. Well, they could continue to short the shit out of it. I guess it's fine if your average is $1. But let's face it. No one's is.

  27. "They" could. Others could, on the other hand, take actions that blow "them" out of the water.

  28. in the same filing, they have a table showing beneficial ownership. it has blackrock with 12,332,491 and 3.7% quick maffs show 12,332,491 / .037 = 333,310,567.5675 SO .

  29. The charts are not indicating exactly. However I want to share my point here. Amc diluted shares in 2020 Dec and 2021 April, and squeeze occured end of next month. This is because short sellers used the diluted shares to cover their short positoona. Reverse stock split is also announced today and because CUSIP # will be changed, shorts are forced to cover their shorts. Check GREE August 2021.

  30. I really hope you are correct, but I don't think a simple CUSIP number change by itself would force shorts to close. I just made this post below to explain why:

  31. It does. Please read the filing. Here is cropped part of New Cusip change from today's BBBY SEC filing:

  32. I think you misunderstood my comment. The CUSIP number would definitely change. But what I am saying is that this number change by itself would not force shorts to close their positions.

  33. You realize it’s a vote right? On the record date you have a number of votes. I don’t care for the general outcome, I wanna see the number of votes

  34. There are many posts on Superstonk about how votes get counted in shareholders meetings. Basically the number gets adjusted so as to be no more than the number of shares outstanding.

  35. Yeah, this is my point. However I have already seen dozens of comments saying that the Reverse Split would result in a CUSIP change, and thus forcing shorts to close their positions.

  36. For those unfamiliar with what a CUSIP number is, see below:

  37. But there is one kind of announcement that GME has not made, which BBBY could very well be in a position to make (or made for them, by an acqurer). That is a fundamental and existential change to the company's make-up. Therefore that type of event, which is not dependent on macro or external events, could very well lead to true price discovery.

  38. Oh yeah any event with a cuisp change for that matter

  39. Isn't it crazy that we had an exchange about such an event...and the company announces one within an hour???

  40. 15k shares at $1.12. let's go!!

  41. Well, it was FOMO that led to a Gamma Squeeze, that then forced a Short Squeeze.

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