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  1. The poll kinda gut buried but hey maybe Reddit can do its thing.

  2. He's an Ex-MMA professional fighter. He's been hit in the head many times.

  3. And of course, Trump is a man of his word...

  4. We're no supposed to post stuff like this... rule 14.

  5. If Trump was going to be prosecuted it would have happened already. Waiting a year and a half just to get back part of the classified documents shows that. Easy prosecution. 1. He had posession of the documents. 2. Charge and convict. 3 Lock him up. But still nearly 2 years after he stole them no charges. They don't need motive, just the fact he had the documents. And the DOJ will never do anything about the insurrection except put some little fish in prison. The SP is just to slow down the process even more. Now you will here stories about how we need to wait while the SP get up to speed. And more waiting. And more waiting. Until Republicans take back the Whitehouse or Trump dies of old age. Garland could have started with the SP in the beginning if he was to do his job.

  6. The first indictment will likely be from the Mar-a-largo docs when DOJ has custody to present to Grand Jury. DOJ respond to 11th Circuit on Nov 17th... it'll probably get decided soon and with any luck get presented first week of Dec. Maybe indictments just before Xmas. 🤞

  7. At 9pm. He's apparently upset that none of the networks will carry it.

  8. Omg, desantis is damn near as fat as trump, do not start the rocky/rambo illusions that are used with trump.

  9. I wanted to make Trump look even more like a loser by comparison. I can always make another though with a fat Ronny.


  11. Why tf is his check mark red, where can i get that?

  12. For some reason I can't see the wave going across the screen.

  13. Holy shit, he had the entire sky and just couldn’t avoid the other plane

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