1. Not proud of this, but she was being a stage 5 clinger(texting me good morning love, making a ton of future plans together) when we had only been on like three dates.

  2. Bruh that’s amazing but you’re really playing with fire with that strategy. I’m glad it worked out though

  3. Sure. Antiwork and all that, but why don’t you have a spare set of glasses?

  4. Because even the cheapest frames/lenses online can be too expensive to buy extras when you're paycheck to paycheck.

  5. I mean there’s websites where you can put in your prescription and get a set of glasses for $60-$80. Even to have an emergency backup set. If your vision is so bad that you’re blind or you’re gonna miss a day of work, it’s probably better to spend $100 on a pair of glasses than to miss out on 1-2 days of work waiting for your emergency replacement, that you’re also paying for. Use credit, do what you gotta do to make sure you aren’t just suddenly blind one day.

  6. This is the atmosphere, not necessarily at ground level, I see this as it’s the average from ground level to the upper atmosphere. I think it’s theoretically possible to have 24% average water content in the atmosphere without it affecting our breathing, assuming our temperature at ground level stays the same. The water vapor would rise since it’s less dense than dry air and I think at 24% water we would have clouds that are several km tall and stretching the top 3/4 of the atmosphere. The atmosphere would suck but would be able to be survived assuming it stays in the atmosphere because the water content of the atmosphere would be higher up than breathing level. That’s a shitload of argon and oxygen, but you’re not gonna die from breathing too much oxygen, or too much argon or Co2 given there’s enough oxygen. They aren’t toxic, they are inert similarly to nitrogen. This is a wild atmosphere, but certainly not toxic and totally survivable. The biggest issue here is it would be miserable under a depressing canopy of cloudy impenetrable darkness.

  7. Hook a water hose up to the bottom of your water heater tank to fill the pool. It will be pretty much fully preheated so it won’t cost so much electricity to heat it the first time. Also, I do a lot of HVAC and plumbing and I’m quite familiar with all the science behind it, I’d be happy to come by and take a look and share some advice for fun, I could probably tell you whether or not you need expensive work done to fix your low water volume issues. Feel free to DM me

  8. It’s pretty outrageous that they are constructing gas generators when we have a shitload of green energy in Ontario already. It’s literally just to save them money and line their pockets. Can someone in the comments explain their stance other than “these kids are stupid” or “they’re wasting their time.” like, the world is on fire, climate scientists are all in agreement that we’re at the our last chance to pivot away from harmful energy production, the governments have their mandates and timelines that these projects are flipping the middle finger at, and people are in the comments here to say “ugh they’re all idiots.” I’m disappointed in this sub.

  9. Life’s short man. This is a financial sub, so obviously everyone here will agree that it’s not a smart financial decision, but mental health and happiness is more important than $1300. As long as you’re otherwise displaying and practicing good financial habits and you don’t make egregious purchases regularly.

  10. You are very correct to be paranoid. Time for wifi security cameras and guns.

  11. I'm at a loss as to how this benefits either/both restaurants. Can someone enlighten me?

  12. I’ve never heard of this place, maybe many people haven’t tried their burger and they’re confident they will get repeat business once people have tried it? Personally I had never heard of this place until today but now I’m intrigued. Considering the potential costs involved in good advertising, giving away free burgers gets you on the news, on peoples social media’s, and gets people trying the food. Seems like a high cost for a high reward.

  13. Top 10 ways to get your kid bullied and traumatized at school😎😎

  14. Ngl I grew up really religious and I had to download a bible app to double check this because I can’t believe I had never heard it before. This is completely real

  15. You won’t make much. Best I did on a Lenovo laptop with an i7 was $10 a month. But ban is ban, money ain’t a thang

  16. The XA isn't small, they're 250-1500kw or so.

  17. My bad, I didn’t look that carefully at the picture and the liquid line size, I just saw the relatively small looking heat exchanger and assumed it was a small system, didn’t realize it was the economizer. And the filter drier is the only thing on this whole system that’s actually serviceable without pulling the whole charge and you also have to rely on an EXV to close? Sounds like a stupid fucking design to me. I work on medium to large ammonia and a wide range of Freon systems, but I’ve never seen one of these. Sounds very annoying to service.

  18. I mean when you change driers once every 10 years it isn't bad.

  19. That’s fair, as said I don’t know much about these guys. But even still, change a compressor and have to pull all the gas out is annoying. Have to repair a minor leak or anything. That sucks ass.

  20. Size it for the max operating current so it doesn’t melt your wires on startup and during pull-down. These numbers show the electrical draw of the compressors when they reach setpoint. But any operating condition between setpoint (-35) and room temp when you do the startup it will draw higher current. Don’t think because you have these lower numbers while at setpoint that you can lower the sizes of your conductors, you still need to size everything based on the maximum operation of the compressor.

  21. Yes thats what i thought and what i think should be done, but they came to me wtih 3 times smaller numbers and i got completly blown.

  22. Oh gotcha, your MAIN overcurrent protection should be sized for the maximum normal operating condition which is realistic that all 4 will be operating at maximum load at the same time during hot pull-down, so at least 250A plus anything else on the system like transformers and controls. Unfortunately they will be largely oversized for 99% of the operating time but that’s literally how all electrical circuits work. You don’t under-size your kitchen outlets because you only use your toaster 1% of the time.

  23. You know this is how wealth distribution looks in communist countries too right?

  24. I’ll pay $80 for the video of her being audited tbh

  25. That particular fluke sucks. Missing a lot of function. I have one as a backup

  26. Kinda brutal that you’re gonna get hate for not actively supporting people who do things you don’t agree with. Like, it’s not even about being hateful, you have to actually go out of your way to actively support them or else you’re an Asshole. Seriously, they can fuck off.

  27. The one that came with the house is giant brand. What’s the issue?

  28. They had a high rate of premature failures. That’s not to say they can’t last 20 years, but there was a high frequency of them blowing up within months of install.

  29. Thank you so much for letting me know about Giant, I have one and Enbridge has sent me an email to replace it (paying $35/month) for a 60 litre..

  30. I used to work in service at reliance. They put rental water heaters into new construction homes. It was ridiculous how many giant water heaters would leak brand new out of the box, or within 1 year.

  31. I’m pretty fond of everyone :) long as they’re white

  32. Did you not have the right strength glasses before? I also had LASIK but the big difference for me is mainly in specific circumstances where you can’t wear glasses (first waking up, haircuts, swimming, etc).

  33. My glasses were -1.50. I never wore them unless I was driving. I didn’t even know I needed glasses til I was like 15. I was always just squinting in class because I just never realized it wasn’t normal to not be able to see lol

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