This happens after China tried to ban fireworks

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  1. Good guide man. I’d also like to add that later on down the line after you get your full team maxed out, upgrade friend slots to max. It really helps getting mats later on especially to mega clusters. I have hundreds of each thanks to daily friend points.

  2. Just got the ark off one ticket and got beyonetta off a one 10x pull. The last two colabs have been quite generous to me

  3. Lol well I'm glad nothing to detrimental happened. Other than getting a dart stuck in your forehead anyways. Looks like it was a fun night all things considering

  4. Sad, but he had to have known this was a possibility. You can't live somewhere and not know that animals like that also live there. Of course, if he did actually know, why would he have let the dog anywhere near the water to begin with?

  5. Well I'd imagine you become numb to it. Same with where I lived in California and rattlesnakes. They're there. You know they're there. But you go about your life keeping an eye out for them. Everyone and everything makes a mistake. That's how crocodiles and other carnivores stay fed after all.

  6. It's videos like these that make me sick to my stomach. When I was younger I used to pride myself on being an excellent driver. It was actually a hobby of mine. I loved going fast. And thought I had the divine right to go as fast as I pleased because I was "in total control". Naivete and ignorance can really make someone dangerous, especially on the road. Coupled with the invincibility of youth and you have a cocktail of horror and death. I assume this man was on drugs or alcohol. But there are people who are like how I was. And it's a tragedy.

  7. I love the shit eating grin he has while he puts a dinky towel over the bowel. As if it's supposed to do anything lol. Gave me quite a laugh.

  8. Well he’s probably not dead but he most likely has a few broken ribs. Which will probably make him wish he was dead. I hate broken ribs, especially when you have a cold lol.

  9. I’m American and I can confirm. We’re filthy savages. Just last night I ate pizza with pineapple. And I don’t mean pineapple on top of the pizza, no no. I ate pizza with a can of Dole pineapple on the side. You can’t beat that kind of crazy. Only us Americans are that savage.

  10. I didn’t start the wars. And I’ve never participated in murder wether it be in mass or otherwise. On a serious note, there are some pretty fucked up things about my country for sure. But most people here are just average hardworking people. I’ve been to numerous countries including Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, and most European countries. And everyone is the same. With our random outliers of shitty people.

  11. Seriously? Feels like people want NSFW tagged on every last thing now. I get that the shark got hurt/died, it’s not nice to see but you’ve also gotta grow up a little bit if you can’t even handle seeing this.

  12. I side with your sentiment. Honestly. But at the same time, I don’t see why a NSFW tag couldn’t be tacked on. Doesn’t really harm anyone. Everyone is different and maybe this really put a downer on someone’s day.

  13. The RNG with him destroys any chance of him being a top tier unit. Tweacz better not rate him in the 9s and just around the same as shift nero.

  14. Tweacz isn’t the only one who contributed to that tier list. It was a conglomerate of high end players who individually structured it. Not sure what you’re on about, but being in the 9s as far as ranking goes would show that it’s a top tier unit

  15. Awesome list guys. And I pretty much agree on everything here. You guys put in a lot of work on this. I can tell. It doesn't go unappreciated.

  16. Don’t you Americans keep your doors not unlocked anyway? They could simply come in no? Why make baby scream noises.

  17. No I always keep my door locked. Not that I'm paranoid. But why not, yknow? There are bad people out there. I'd rather have a deterrent and preventive measure. I own firearms but I'd rather not have to kill someone. So locked doors it is.

  18. Getting my property tax bill. It's a recurring thing it seems.

  19. Yup, fireworks are definitely the number one cause of their air pollution, and it's obviously not the big industries who don't adhere to proper emission laws, no no!

  20. How dare you insinuate common sense into this conversation. You should be ashamed of yourself /s

  21. Table manners. Especially at my family or friends' house.

  22. Incredible work. But am I weird for actually preferring him bald? I thought he looked more lovely and approachable, and now he looks a little intimidating and sharp and glamorous.

  23. Idk why, but your username makes me chuckle lol.

  24. I genuinely don't have a clue... I guess for the proverbial "shits and giggles," I'd try and become the most karenest of Karen's possible. The haircut and everything. I'd even work in the traditional Karen "i wana speak to your manager" snap and head bob. Oh ya, I'd go all the way with it.

  25. This just made my night. I genuinely laughed after a really shitty day. Thank you guys lol.

  26. I hope your days get brighter friend.

  27. Thank you kind person. Tomorrow will be better. I'll make sure it is. Sometimes, we need a rough day to help us see how great a good day can be. Life is about learning even in the worst of times.

  28. I honestly couldn't agree with this more. Even when I was younger, I considered myself in the middle of Democrat and republican. I always tell people that "I'm in the party of common sense." Whether that's more left or right entirely depends on the issue/talking point/politian. For example, I believe every woman has a right to abortion and what they do with their body. But I also believe in capital punishment. I 100% understand the opposing opinion on capital punishment. And the people who are against it bring up very valid points. But I'm still for it.

  29. The fucking sound effects has me dying over here. Lmao

  30. frn says:

    Waaaay back I took a massive risk on two GTX 1080s.

  31. That's awesome. I'm glad it worked out for you. I remember a long time ago I had a computer with a gtx 1080 and 32gb of ram just sitting in storage. Was watching a small time YouTube creator and messaged him on discord. Said I'd give him the gtx1080 and the ram. All he had to do was pay for shipping. The entire time he thought it was a scam. He got it about a week later

  32. I see that tiny little chihuahua at 0:13. Don't think you're slick. Thing is probably barely 4lbs

  33. God would be the only one with the power to hold me back.

  34. im currently struggling with addiction not as serious as a heroin addiction but its majorly impacted my life and left me a shadow of my former self. sometimes it feels like ill never get to the point of having a family, good job or friends again but reading that makes me want to keep trying to get clean and live the life i should be living.

  35. You can do it. Even if the odds are stacked against you, you have a chance to get your life on track. You just have to take it. I was also a heroin addict for the better part of a decade. No friends, family; I was a miserable person. No one wanted to associate with me. Which I don't blame them. It's an amazing albeit scary feeling when you get your first invite back to Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.

  36. We all make mistakes. And we all do dumb stuff. With that said, I feel like being a hypocrit and calling this woman a fucking imbecile. So I will. This lady is a fucking imbecile.

  37. Oh screw you. You witty lil shit, have my upvote. Seriously though, that was great haha.

  38. Back in the day when someone acted like this you'd just tell them to shut the fuck up or you're gona take an involuntary nap. Now a days you just never know how crazy someone is. Whether they have a gun or a knife. It's just not worth the risk. I mean. Not saying that kind of stuff didn't happen back then either. But it seems now a days is just crazier. Maybe we're just more exposed to it because of social media.

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