1. Just keep an eye out and you're fine, they won't bother you unless you bother them.

  2. yup mine also did not budge until I went to 5lber

  3. It will be cold more than likely. Currently mid-low 30'sF air temp.

  4. The tidewe insulated neoprene waders on amazon are good and lasted me the whole winter and fall this year

  5. Is it expected for most waders to not last very long? Do most people replace them like seasonally?

  6. my experience with cheap ones is they rarely last a whole season. I fish like 4 days a week though and theres lots of rocks where I fish. Finally bought a more expensive pair of simms so we will see how those hold up.

  7. Cabelas, redington, ll bean and a few others have some low end breathable waders, 100 to 150 dollars. Go with them instead of those, I know it's more but you'll definitely appreciate your legs not being in a sauna of your own sweat.

  8. Check out a Tsunami trophy rod. Solid rod good price

  9. tsunami carbon shield 2 is really nice too

  10. Why? they're pound for pound one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish and they can get like 20+lbs

  11. Serious question - why would someone pop the rivets on a factory Maadi?

  12. It looks like they tore it apart, refinished it, and screwed it back together lmfaoooo

  13. The underfolder is alot better deal, full stock aks are way more comfortable to shoot tho.

  14. You should look into dobyns seirra series

  15. Are all “paratroopers” featuring that style of bolt

  16. they went away from the lightening cuts in later production models. If the bolt has lightening cuts, there's a good chance that it has a milled trigger group.

  17. U can buy a front sight block and press and pin it on

  18. manufacturers suggested retail price, do you?

  19. Ok so you do, now show me somewhere even charging MSRP. Nobody pays that because nobody charges it. MSRP is always about 10-20% higher than any price you see in the wild. Example: MSRP on a Springfield hellion is 2k. Dealer cost is $1550. Actual price they go for: $16-1900. MSRP is NOT what something actually sells for and you’d be hard pressed to find a retailer dumb enough to even ask for it.

  20. Ummmm Atlantic has wbps for 1299 which I'm pretty sure is msrp big fella.

  21. That's going to be the first thing that I buy now that I know it's not Chinese

  22. Hell yeah!! That spiker is super badass!!

  23. Yup that's normal, the earlier imbel l1a1s they put together w were inch cut. Is yours cut for and inch pattern dust cover and charging handle?

  24. I personally like the french tickler handguard

  25. Good to know. I’ve always loved Springfield, and I figured if anyone knew how to make a 1911 it’d be one of it’s original manufacturers. I had really wanted one of these but wasn’t going to be able to afford one, so I’d settled on a rock island. Then a couple weeks ago on my 21st I went to go pick up a rock island from my LGS who always has them in stock and what do I see sitting next to it but this beauty. Used, but with no visible wear at all, sitting next to the ria I was going to get for the same price.

  26. I mean technically springfield now is a different company from the original Springfield but there 1911s are still good

  27. Not a huge huge difference but the 6'8" XF will be a bit stiffer especially cause it's shorter.

  28. I'm going to be getting the Victory 6.8 xf as a dedicated jerkbait rod in January. I think your choice of the 7.1 is a better all around.

  29. 100% agree have fun with your new rods!

  30. After googling that I think you're right. Unfortunately I didn't get any more pictures from him. He wants to trade for my rock island 1911, I think this would be a good deal, plus underfolders are sweet

  31. I take that back from looking harder it's a really bad build. this would need rebuilt. You got screws, missing rivets, pop rivets, it's just a mess

  32. Correct, I plan to contact Ruger. I just picked this up yesterday and this does not seem acceptable. Just wanted to make sure I’m not crazy.

  33. I mean it won't effect anything, and it's almost invisible to the naked eye. I highly doubt they would do anything for you but i suppose you can try.

  34. Another really nice and super cheap pcc is the stribog Sp9a1 if you were just looking for a budget pcc. that kp9 is a good deal tho

  35. yeah npaps are known to have bad recievers, there are many examples of cracking and fcg pin holes egging out.

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