Ryan Cohen buys Citadel

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I can’t believe this quote is real, LOL. We really must be under his skin. Why call out Reddit like this if we weren’t winning? (NY Times)

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  1. Bro you need a good trip and time to find your happy place! Connect with nature and have another side to battle your thoughts

  2. Like California does anything logical?! They are on a mission to be “green” before everyone else at all cost and everyone will follow like always. I drive a V8 supercharged sports car but im not on the Tesla hate bandwagon i see them everywhere i live somebody is buying them

  3. Not to get the BBE. I just bought a DF64 and feel like I could have saved a little by not locking myself to the built in grinder

  4. I never attended the “how to spend your money wisely” course

  5. What end up happening? Did they make you an offer? I know Audi wants the tdi's off the road in America so they will buy them back as much as they can. Their ecm tune is too rich for the emissions devices on the car and they know it. If they lean the mixture it won't pass federal emissions.

  6. They offered me a measly $8,000 for the $11,000 we paid for it. I'm deleting the dpf and getting a custom tune. Getting rid of all of the malfunctioning garbage.

  7. Yup this is definitely the way to go. They sure did low ball you

  8. Just wait for the crash and burn now Kenny. Not all rides are smooth on the pipe

  9. Ah for me a simple Breville BP is all I use at home. I don't have enough space on the counter where I can have my setup for a larger array of things like this. Since I drink most of my coffees in the office now and am the only one at home who drinks espressos, it does a nice job for my needs.

  10. This is me lol. I have a bbp at home but most of my drinking happens at work. What kind of work do you do? And congrats

  11. I tried this zero water filter and it turns out I hate it lol. The filter needs to be changed at least once months or else you're left with highly acidic water. Make sure to check the pH of your water! It's been shown best coffee has water ppm of around 50. Your zero water has no minerals in it. My recommendation...Go with a Brita head unit on your faucet. You won't get hard water or overly soft water

  12. Go local it always feels better and tastes better! What size portafilter is that?

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