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  1. That does it. I give up. Might as well open an "exchange" and fleece the rubes.

  2. If you want a more ethical option, you could join me and start “SurvivalX”, a pyramid scheme exclusively targeting sovereign citizens

  3. I view him the way I do Teddy Roosevelt: did some inarguably fantastic things, was also a colonialist bastard, it’s fun to pretend to worship him

  4. Someone is just asking to fall on that

  5. I have some shed antlers. They’re not really sharp but it will make a tremendous noise

  6. I prayed to Hashem (one of the Jewish terms for god) constantly to give me snow days off from school, and never got a single one. Also I don’t like waking up at 7 am to say prayers in a language I barely understand.

  7. Recently there’s been a lot of reports in Portland and other cities of people being randomly assaulted by individuals who clearly and desperately need mental help, so I staunchly support this. My sister was just harassed in the west coast bay area by a guy who said “If you reject me, that’s a hate crime,” and then he proceeded to ramble about how Obama destroyed the country. If her friends weren’t there to defend her, god knows what the fuck would have happened. I’m sick and tired of dishing out sympathy to these people, because now I just want something done about them. And this is a start.

  8. It’s a bit like drugs. If you want to do opiates I guess I can’t stop you, but the minute you start pissing by the playground or robbing drugstores, it’s time to leave society until you can be part of it again.

  9. On the one hand, I dislike anything resembling old Victorian “vagrancy” laws. But I don’t think the lady who randomly dumped a bottle of soda on me, nor the screaming man with a stick who randomly grabbed my arm bc I wouldn’t take off my headphones, should be able to physically assault more people.

  10. Looks like the person in the screenshot got their education at either YouTube University, or Facebook College.

  11. There’s a slight chance he got it at the Noam Chomsky School of Nobody But The West Does Genocide

  12. I'd rather have my billionaires afraid of the government than above the government

  13. I thought it was absolutely hilarious that Ma vanished for months, its like that video of an overconfident rhino attacking an elephant and getting immediately trounced

  14. What’s weird is that other dangerous breed owners aren’t like this! I would like to have an Akita because, like me, they’re mostly silent homebodies who dislike strangers and enjoy snow. They’re also very cool looking animals and are capable of protection. But I acknowledge that this is a dangerous, expert level dog requiring experienced ownership!

  15. It happens! After over a year of nothing, I got two diamond mouflons in the same herd

  16. “Your Bluetooth speaker music and theater practice are not fun to listen to, especially on the bus at 7 am”. Fucking stop.

  17. Creepily, some pods of false killer whales will associate with and even hybridize with dolphin pods, suggesting that they are somewhat capable of understanding one another. I’m reminded of wolves and coyotes

  18. Whoa I always thought jcc was Jewish only

  19. Nope, I ran into my weirdo public school English teacher there

  20. I don't see this brought up very much in the gun control debate, but the US stands out in another way: defense spending. We have a huge military, one that we portray as extremely honorable and very definitely masculine. Our law enforcement use of force policies are also uncommonly permissive. I think we have a culture of men killing people who don't do what we like.

  21. I mean, South Korea has a mandatory draft for all male citizens, and they’re not shooting up schools bc they can’t get a 16 year old wife who’s not allowed to leave them

  22. I liked the remake for one reason: the accurate looking animals. In one scene there’s a bat eared fox! You never see those! Also I’m just a fan of hyenas

  23. Gabriel Iglesias is up there. I encourage everyone to stop what they’re doing and watch his “racist gift basket” bit

  24. Feels like they've scrubbed a lot of brands over the years. Starting to feel like Wish these days, depending on what you're looking for.

  25. At this point I mostly shop on Amazon to buy cheap crap or clothes in Asian sizes because the definition of “small” has definitely changed in America in the past ten years. So it’s just Wish with fast delivery

  26. At this point it's the same level of absurdist bullshit that Drump spews, if you have to pause and think "Did he ACTUALLY say that?" the answer is always Yes!

  27. I still think about “Tim Apple” and grin uncontrollably. I hate how funny that was

  28. Elon was bought buy the right a long time ago, and if it wasn’t a long time ago it was right when he said the left was going to attack him lol

  29. The guy said the Democratic Party is run by “trial lawyers and trade unions” which is an

  30. That would have immediately pulled out my inner karen.

  31. I mean being a woman who’s upset about something isn’t “being a Karen” even if that was the obvious trajectory of the term

  32. As my mom loves to say, the term for a male Karen is “assertive”

  33. I’m always uncomfortable that “woman being loud and having wrinkles” means Karen. My grandmother isn’t a witch, she’s just old and very much losing her hearing!

  34. Hagrid still uses magic frequently but only to control/pacify animals. I fail to see how else he could capture two unicorn foals and like five hippogriffs, or for that matter convince manticores (described in Fantastic Beasts to be sapient) to somehow mate with fire crabs and produce blast-ended skrewts

  35. I feel like the entire dormitory for Harry’s year would have had more serious issues too though.

  36. Well Seamus turned on him near instantly in five and in two everyone immediately believed he was a murderer

  37. The prison is responsible for protecting the counselors, therapists, guards, and other prisoners.

  38. Also over 70 percent of therapists are women. I’m not sure how many women, who could get paid $200 an hour for a one on one session with a normal person, would sign up for “be alone with 10 untethered supermax men”

  39. “Why don’t people go out to eat, give tip give 30 percent tip takeout is killing my income!!” at this point eating out is basically having someone shake a coin jar at me while coughing onto my mislabeled food half the time, no wonder fewer people are doing it.

  40. Ngl some of the smartest people I ever knew were also some of the dumbest

  41. Yeah my distinguished professor’s office is a fucking mess with old gross coffee mugs all over the place, it’s weird

  42. I’m unsurprised by this, the wives of ISIS members did the exact same thing. People are swirls finger around head in gesture symbolizing crazy

  43. While China is exploiting the seas, it’s also at the forefront of aquaculture. Which really is the only sustainable way to feed the world with fish. Usually doesn’t get talked about though since people also hate aquaculture.

  44. The exploiting the sea involves kidnapping/falsely luring foreign laborers and often literally chaining them to the railings of the ship, I think slavery outweighs developments in shrimp cultivation (which requires destroying wetlands)

  45. Not accurate. Just spoke with a non Jewish polish friend and he's never seen this before in his life

  46. I think it’s specific to krakow, a friend of mine went there and found paintings of Jews with gold coins. They were oddly well made and all the gold coins had the Bitcoin symbol on them, which I found hilarious

  47. I sometimes think Poland must subconsciously miss us. We made up ten percent of the entire country, you can’t lose/help get rid of such a large proportion and not think about it.

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