1. Plus one for this. Totally agree it’s the FE I’ve had.

  2. Oh yeah that’s obvious now you mention it

  3. That’s what generations of inbreeding does to you

  4. One knife ye hand, one life ye heart. What a perfect lie

  5. I have two thousand books and a Lamborghini in my garage

  6. cover your ears if its too loud. 100% parents fault for teaching those mannerisms though if thats a 5 year old’s instant response

  7. Someone broke into my parents car the other night and stole their satnav and chapsticks

  8. I think you may be lost... was this the website you were looking for?

  9. It’s a good thing. Our communal bins kept getting filled with business waste from cheap businesses that don’t want to pay for waste removal

  10. This city is losing all its character and characters as the years go by... It's really sad

  11. Hove is dog heaven.... Will be absolutely fine anywhere

  12. Its basically a prerequisite. That and a Dry Robe

  13. My local Tesco has the yellow security stickers on the cheese...

  14. Funnily enough a junkie on London road tried to sell me a block of cheese from tescos once

  15. Have you tried contacting your local council about it? They generally have noise limits in their planning conditions they have to adhere to. If you can hear it indoors it’s probably exceeding these limits. I’m having a similar problem at the moment am going down that route

  16. So the gender of the musicians doesn’t matter until the wrong gender wins the awards… right. If it was the other way round they would be celebrating it

  17. No houses. There is simply no way you can play an acoustic drumkit in a residential environment without annoying the neighbours, best bet is to buy yourself a nice set of V-Drums and put them in a shed. Even inside the house, the mechanical noise will travel to any attached buildings.

  18. Mf when being presented the most obnoxious satire

  19. The funny thing is it’s not even that obnoxious

  20. I used to live in London and I’m not sure either tbh

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