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  1. If your asking this question then you already know the answer

  2. I’m a single lady living alone and I spend on average $95 per/week on food, but shop once a month 😊 which cost around 380 but sometimes less. This works perfectly for my budget and some weeks I don’t have to buy as much because I have leftovers!

  3. Living room. I studied there for most of my classes but moved to my room for the easier ones, and because I’m almost done my course.

  4. No friends and family is not too far but I need to save gas to drive for this week to my second job. I’m in school and really would like to enjoy the peace and quiet before another long week

  5. First off you need to realize that the hours before midnight are double. Going to sleep at 1 does not allow you to have quality sleep. Go to bed around 7-8, and wake up at 5. It will be hard at first but stick to it, and you’ll see a vast improvement. Your not depressed, you have to sleep that long because you lack those quality hours of sleep

  6. You’re too young to be dating. Focus on friends, having good and healthy fun and most importantly education.

  7. The first time is never the best time, you're just using the trial version of sex before you get to the real thing.

  8. If you do it with someone your married to and love it will be amazing !! That’s why you wait till marriage. Yes I said it 😊

  9. Genuine question: Why was this necessary? I really want to understand your motivation here.

  10. This is sad. What are you stressing about ????!!? Relax .

  11. Ummm in middle school, drawing the one on the left was sooo popular 🤭

  12. Organic food especially meat. Yes you can taste the difference

  13. Enough where people give me things for free, random strangers come up to me and say how beautiful I am etc, people are kinder to me and think I’m so smart boys usually don’t make a move but will love to observe me from a distance and I could go on.....all to say, I don’t even think I look that good. I focus on my character and being kind to others because I know beauty is passing

  14. You Are Teasing me. Naughty Naughty.

  15. In one job, when my supervisor flew into a vicious, violent rage that left me terrified. All I’d done is ask him where the blank time cards were.

  16. Diet. Heal your body from the inside it will show in the outside

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