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  1. These parents deserve a yoga flame 🔥

  2. So she did this without permission?

  3. Kickwho fucked me over got a pair a union 4’s the cut in the leather near the back tab was low asf

  4. They are cool I just wish they were more yellow than golden yellow

  5. At this point I’d offer a volcano 🌋

  6. Good luck to you.. you…you and…you

  7. When he sold his ride on the Duff Blimp to pay for Lisa to enter the Little Miss Springfield pageant because he wanted her to feel better about herself.

  8. Agreed was gonna say when he broke into the museum with Lisa but him selling his ticket was more selfless

  9. Buddy had on a hi-lighter shirt with no read splotches… you got to do better!

  10. "Are you Shelly?…." "Yeah" "You call yourself a salesman you son of a bitch"

  11. It certainly doesn’t end there watch a canned hamburger video 🤢

  12. Got the wrong shoes on bro need the Incredible Hulk mids

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