1. Coming back to Melbourne next week, after a month long stint overseas. Have I missed anything interesting in the last four weeks?

  2. Would love to see a Final Destination set amongst the building of a new space station.

  3. I remember when the movie about his life came out, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (and subsequently many other media outlets) criticized it because … they claimed one scene unfairly misportrayed the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter behind the story that destroyed Richard Jewell’s life. The director’s response was:

  4. I wonder if we’ll see Right Wing militias gather outside his business now and protest? Wouldn’t surprise me

  5. Nah, they only have the courage to protest sites where the staff are unlikely to fight back, like children’s libraries or hospitals.

  6. Because I was sick of losing at Monopoly to my twelve year old sister.

  7. She probably unknowingly turned down a sexual advance from him, and this was his attempt at payback.

  8. The OP is saying that she has attempted to post this video five times, but TikTok keeps taking down this video. On what basis would they want to censor this video of obvious anti-Asian racism? I’ve seen a lot of videos depicting racist behavior against African Americans, so I don’t think that type of video is against Tiktok’s terms of use?

  9. What's the article actually say? Because tax brackets are changing next year and a raise could potentially mean you'd lose more money on taxes than the raise.


  11. I googled that headline because i’d like to read how he came up with that. Couldn’t find the article anywhere


  13. In April 29 2022, Elon Musk tweeted that there were no plans for further sales of Tesla shares. It was reported today that Elon Musk sold $3.95 billion worth of Tesla stock since completing his purchase of Twitter late last month.

  14. How did you edit out the TikTok gubbins on the image?

  15. I downloaded the video using the first site that came up when I googled “Download TikTok video” and I guess it removed the gubbins?

  16. Second giveaway is that this post is old AF.

  17. Except as the date of the post highlights, someone posted this on 2nd November 2022 claiming it just happened to them.

  18. Yeah, but at least all the money recovered by Robodebt should cover the shortfall. Oh wait …

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