1. I always say he looks like Liam Neeson’s younger, angrier brother.

  2. You get around it by applying a spell of lust.

  3. Bye bye my lovely Scarlett Witch. She made every effort to play along and describe our intense love sessions.

  4. The writers and directors basically said Hulk accounted for that when he snapped

  5. Did he account for the poor passengers on the plane when the whole flight crew got blipped?

  6. Spider Man: Far From Home treates the Blip like a joke.

  7. Do you know which native tribe you would belong too?

  8. Really? They asked politely! People really do have egos lol

  9. There's no rule where you are forced to comply if someone asks politely.

  10. Yes, that’s true. Which is why the man was not being polite. He was stubborn and ignorant!

  11. Who was that and why was he/she attacking me?

  12. Best revolt is everyone agrees not to return to work.

  13. Don’t ask for clarification if you’re not ready to get it, asshole.

  14. Are you still talking? And are you forgetting that you commented in the first place? Get a life.

  15. Exactly! Thank you! He’s happy and healthy, there’s no reason I think otherwise to get him fixed. And we still want his pups…

  16. No need to have your boy neutered, but if you want to avoid him knocking up some random bitch you can always get him a vasectomy.

  17. Ignore them. Fixed dogs have a 600% greater chance of obesity. It messes up their hormones. They don’t want to play as much and want to eat more.

  18. Hank Pym is an original Avenger, he didn’t show up till after Ultron. Avengers turned out pretty good considering that.

  19. If anyone wants to actually discuss any of these theories and ideas send me a message. I have ideas and show info for most but don't want to be in an argument with everyone at once lmao

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