1. The concept of America. Freedom. Really just stating the idiom and reading ppls views.

  2. Poor confused sod. It isn't "my government" or yours. It is a bunch of mere humans that try to convince us that it is somehow right and proper for them to rule over others - that the only right way to live is with some ruling over you. One of their tricks to get you to accept the dogma that they are your servants, that they are "your government". They are not. They are rulers robbing you of money, freedom, enjoying life. You have been programmed to accept this. It is the Matrix. Take the red pill.

  3. The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It's by giving those people a service that's better than what they're receiving from the pirates.

  4. 14 years. Frederick Meijer gardens 2009. 80+ shows. Filmore, Detroit. Booth love or wizard burial ground. Nope, love it live

  5. Yes, so much that I’m writing the new official guidebook

  6. Barry Allen is pretty much the epitome of "good". The only other hero that might be up there is Billy Batson. Wally West did his best to live up to Barry's example, too.

  7. The flash point paradox is over if my favorite movies based on comics

  8. Those guard would be so fucked 🤣

  9. Hey look, this sub understands economics. What a breath of fresh air on a site of armchair socialists

  10. Yeah, I don't have any "secret recipes," but very often I tell people there isn't a recipe and they get angry with me for.

  11. Good for you offering to teach. It's almost more fun than cooking for folks who enjoy your food

  12. Fiddler, my life has been a journey, not always good or easy, but my path nonetheless. I keep a good attitude mostly and I'm not afraid of a challenge.

  13. He is! And this would’ve been the same year that he played with Jerry and the GD at Bill Grahams memorial service in SF… The boys were definitely picking up steam by then…

  14. Saw popper last year in NYC on a roof top overlooking the Brooklyn bridge. I'm a bumpkin, so the experience was wild. The L I took helped a lot with that too. 10/10

  15. Slightly unrelated, but this feels like the fifth time Etho and Primitive Technology have uploaded within a couple hours of each other. Always something good to watch!

  16. Bibimbop noob here, as I have only had authentic 1 time in my area. What does Dolsot mean? Looks delicious by the way.

  17. Oh cool, then yes, that's the way I had it. Thanks!

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