1. It sounds like your analyst might be a little inexperienced, maybe?

  2. Yes (!), it is possible my analyst wasn't as experienced as I thought. She wasn't a young person, but I got the impression she hasn't done color analysis for that many years. I'm not an expert, but I suspect I am someone who is a bit difficult to analyze. She also mentioned the eye fatigue thing at one point.

  3. In my case we consistently looked at all the seasons (4 main). Even though we ruled out Autumn and Summer early on to keep draping them was still useful for determining other aspects and to see the change from good to bad or good to meh in my face. If we hadn't done that, I wouldn't have found out that although I should stay away from muted, I can wear the Summer neutrals to some extent. Later on we focused on the best colors, which in my case we're bright spring and bright winter.

  4. Oh, I wish my analyst would have draped me more in my "bad" colors too, so that I would have had an easier time to see the bad effects of certain colors too.

  5. Did the lip lift change your nose area much? Or did you talk at all about the effect of the lip lift on the nose (the position and size of breathing holes) with the surgeon before the procedure?

  6. So... is paying to get a professional colour analysis done somewhere close to you where you live, out of question? This is what I am going to do. I am done second guessing myself all the time. You can find videous on youtube about what it is like:

  7. It's only a scam if they call it "Kibbe body typing", while not being David Kibbe. Kibbe is not the founding father of ying-yang thinking of humans, so I see no problem with paying someone to body type me with their own ying-yang-method, as long as I agree on their view of what is ying and yang. E.g. Kitchener and Elyssa do their own type of typing people, that is not Kibbe typing.

  8. Aww, the pants look so good on you after the alterations! I am a beginner and need to do same type of adjustments to pants I bought. Am I right in thinking that I first need to make the pant legs slimmer and then shorten the pant leg hems? Or should I start with resizing the waist and work my my down with the adjustments? In what order did you do your things?

  9. In my case, no. I have always loved wearing colors, but for the most part I've picked the colors of pretty much every other season besides my own. I knew something was wrong, when color after color made me look bad. It wasn't until I decided to look into color analysis and tried Spring colors that I fell in love with Spring colors. My boyfriend (Deep Autumn) looks good in many of the colors I've tried and didn't look good in. Maybe it says something about me.

  10. Your color season is determined by which colors look good on you. Do you know your best color? Which season does it belong to?

  11. thank you ✨ I personally don't have a favorite color yet... Though I wore blue, black, orange, and brown for years, I don't know which colors suit me and that is why I dived in color theory.

  12. I don't know of any apps or websites. It is always more reliable if you are able to physically drape yourself. It doesn't have to be clothes; it can be towels, bed sheets, curtains, pillows, etc. too. Other people here do seem to know some kind of apps or websites though with virtual draping.

  13. I'm a very cool Bright Spring/ Bright Winter (yes) but I think black is too harsh for me. Brown is definitely too warm and looks even more off. I finally found a combo that works great. I use a burgundy curl keep base and a "lavender black" mascara on top. I also have an olive black mascara that works well, I just prefer purple to emphasize the green in my eyes.

  14. Interesting that pure black is too harsh and brown is too warm on you, considering they are the two most popular mascara colors. Glad to hear you were able to find a color combo that work for you. Thanks for commenting! I guess I really just have to experiment with different colors to find out the best one for me.

  15. I second Thrift Stores. I like to take trips to big cities and hit the Thrift Stores there. Sometimes you don't find exactly what you want,, but they can become what you want with a little bit of altering, e.g. shortening a hemline. White shirts can be dyed to the color you want, but read carefully what the fabric of the shirt is and if it's suitable for the dye.

  16. Guerlain Kiss Kiss - Sexy Coral is good. It's a touch brighter and stronger colored than the coral lip stick I have from House of Color. The consistency is slightly different too. I don't know which one you would prefer. The price of Guerlain is double the House of Color one, at least where I live.

  17. Autumn family. The warm tones look the best. Possibly Soft autumn because the darkest tones are a little bit too much on you.

  18. Thanks for your input! I think I agree. Ive gotten SS, deep SS, and SA mainly. I am thinking SA though, I have always gravitated more towards warm muted earthy tones (greens). It’s hard to know, because my skin always looks different in various lighting conditions.

  19. I don't know if you would call them medium or light, but on my computer screen I like: 1 - the middle picture the best. Left quardrant of greens okay. 2 - middle picture and bottom right the best. The other muted blues okay. 3 - middle row the best. 4 - the two lightest are a no. 5 - the warm tones are good, including the middle picture grey.

  20. Ooooh yes a crossover between my 2 special interests 😁 !! Here's my thought for ESC (haven't watched ASC yet, i'll update the list then) :

  21. Yeah, I admit most of those were just wild guesses based on first impressions, nothing too serious 😅 That list would probably change if I put more thoughts into it.

  22. I don't know if I have a sun allergy or something, but if the sun hits my skin directly and I don't have any sun block on, my skin hurts and feels like it's being roasted on the spot. For this reason I have dressed very covered up these last couple of years, even if there's a heat wave. In my country though, heat wave only means around 30¤c.

  23. I don't know of most of the other systems others have mentioned here, so sorry if my suggestion sound stupid but... before dicovering Kibbe I found these two style videos from Merriamstyle:

  24. I see warmth and clarity. I think Warm Spring or Bright Spring. I like both the warm, brown tones and the purple tones on you, so tough choice.

  25. Like the person before me said: “’s been about recognizing the aspect of color that is most important…” I have my own, private pinterest board with pictures of what is Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter shade of one color, e.g. red side by side. I learned to recognize which season a color belong to better, by staring at those comparison pictures. I highly recommend making your own pinterest board to suit your needs.

  26. I think I am a SG. My shoulders are slightly wider than my hips and you would think that v-necks are the best, but actually, they are the worst on me. One of the main reasons I think I am a G is because it's mainly high neck lines that work on me. E.g. scoop necks usually aren't the best. I need a normal O-neck. I go for cap sleeves or elbow sleeves. Boxy, cropped t-shirts look okay but I look a lot better when the t-shirt naturally curves at the waist. With tanks, wide straps look better.

  27. I think you are a bright season (Spring or Winter). Your eyes appear clear to me. Your hair is naturally black which usually means you are some kind of winter, unless I have understood color analysis wrong. Draping in different colors will help you find out your spesific type.

  28. Thank you for your input! It’s very helpful 😊 My biggest struggle is figuring out if I’m cool or warm toned lol I think I look much better in gold jewelry but I don’t think warm toned lipstick suit me all that much 😅 I tend to gravitate more towards pink lipsticks — I think orange, brown/nude lipsticks look absolutely awful on me 🙃

  29. Sounds like you are cool toned. I am warm toned and look my best in orange and brown tone type of lip sticks. I don't think gold jewelry looks that bad on winters actually, even if it's not recommended for them. A lot of winters seem to like gold jewelry.

  30. Agree on men being hard to type. I think Zelensky is SG. He looks best in fitted clothes with a little bit of waist showing. Nothing too unconstructed or too tailored and he's good.

  31. Btw, I'm hoping he sees this and gets interested enough to do a Kibbe outfit tryout video.

  32. R? Yes, I think you might be right. He does have a R boneless look to him. Very handsome guy.

  33. You come across as a yang type. I think outfit 2 is the most flattering on you. It's a very FG oufit. Short and boxy top. Sleeves end at the elbows. Short, straight skirt. My guess is that you are FG. I would recommend exploring FG lines more and see how you feel in them.

  34. Love the idea! I would also like comparison photo themes. E.g. Kibbe says to avoid A-line skirts for a lot of ID:s. I would like to see people post themselves wearing an A-line skirt in one photo and their correct Kibbe ID skirt in another photo, just to get a better idea of why something works better for you.

  35. The last dress looks lovely on you! Nr 2, drop waist looks like a good neutral outfit. Not sure, but maybe it points to you being a N? SN is my guess.

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