1. That's the thing: it doesn't matter since player switching has been getting worse every year. I use both L1 and right stick, but I'm not even kidding when I sometimes have to press either of those for 5+ just to switch to a player who's literally next to the one I'm controlling. They will never do anything about it untill this game starts to get some fucking competition.

  2. Buying fifa 23 because of black friday deal on steam, and it’s ultimate edition

  3. Return it while you still can. This game is shit lol

  4. Playing WC Swaps with Belgian players. Good lord, they are as shit in this game as they are in real life.

  5. To me it seems it's only "resetting" when you are changing between difficulties. For example: if you play a match of Moment or Squad Battles on lower difficulties, it will turn Timed Finishing to Off.

  6. Man’s out here thinking they are going to accidentally downgrade a live card and then just be like “nah fuck it”

  7. We need a lot more filters and options.

  8. Not sure what's worse. My youth gem was a GK with CM stats. He was 33 rated...

  9. I swear to God over the past couple of years I've read patch notes stating multiple times that rebounds have been nerfed and defending has been buffed, yet every fucking patch it seems worse and worse. Defending is literally unrewarding in this game.

  10. Apparently everyone also packs Messi, Neymar, Mbappe and CR7, while here I am sitting with my 8th dupe Maignan as my best WC pull.

  11. You know what's really funny? The fact that this counter could be a single line of code, yet EA will even fuck this up. Just watch them update that counter 3 times and it still won't function like it should. This company is literally incompetent af, but sadly the game doesn't have any competition.

  12. Cause that would require EA to actually spend time on this game which doesnt net them more money, so definitely a no no

  13. So it requires you to be able to manage getting countered, yes. What happens is eventually in the long run you become a much better player but you might feel slightly worse using it for a few weeks until you get used to this style of FIFA. But it’s more fun, eventually.

  14. "Feel slightly worse". This was literally the tactics i was running before the patch. I cant get a single freaking win with it anymore in Div 4. While just before the patch it was a total breeze in Div 4.

  15. Its so they can re-release it as a "new" feature next year /s

  16. Ik heb zelf jarenlang in de cultuur gewerkt en je verhaal komt erg bekend voor. Zoveel grensoverschrijdend gedrag en huilende collega’s gezien in die tijd.

  17. Mensen moeten gewoon gaan realiseren dat uitgebuit en/of slecht behandeld te worden al direct ontslag zou moeten betekenen. En dan wel vanuit het oogpunt van de werknemer. Regel 1 w.m.b.: zorg dat je gelukkig bent. Zo niet: kun je afhankelijk van je werkgever het gesprek nog aan gaan en anders heel snel je spullen pakken en wegwezen. Slavernij, of een of andere verkapte vorm daarvan is al heel lang afgeschaft en verboden.

  18. Ngl, i was annoyed by Haaland bashing through my CB’s time after time, but this new patch actually made me quit FUT. Same old pace shit meta we had for years. No idea i was actually gonna say this, but right now i’d already kill for the Lengthy & Trivela meta again.

  19. I think your last point might be a soft ban? Have you been quitting a lot (I.e. golden goaling)?

  20. Ofcourse, grinded the shit out of WC Friendlies. So great invention: a mode where you can play a ton of games in short period, and getting a softban for it. Maybe just disintegrate all my coins while you're at it. Like I said: the game is a piece of garbage.

  21. Yet they "fix" corners earlier and half of the Moments can't even be started. Oh, don't forget the softbans people get by playing EA's newest invention: WC Swaps Friendlies. This company is filled with clowns who literally have no idea wtf they are even doing.

  22. About time they penalize the driver causing a red flag for their own benefit in Quali, no?

  23. Isn't it some kind of Nascar rule that if you cause the Red Flag but are still able to continue, your last 5 fastest times or something will be deleted. In other words: If you cause a red flag, you better drive your ass off to make it right.

  24. So what exactly is the error? Cause i can start games, but no matter which game mode, i'm instantly kicked out right after the game and it doesn't count. I did grind literally all the WC Friendlies swaps in 1 go...

  25. If the pause menu kicks in immediately, I click forfeit. I’m in another game faster than it would take for the 30 seconds waiting for my opponent to put in their hero/icons/Haaland

  26. Ive left a game where some dude was measuring his corner like it was a math exam. I dont even feel ashamed.

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