1. Favorite dispensary - Harvest of Columbus: like you said, they always have a sale. Like everyday. I too have social anxiety but found when I open up and do ask for suggestions or make small talk, the staff is usually friendly, helpful, and receptive. Next time, don’t place an online order and ask for suggestions behind committing to anything.

  2. Thank you! They do pretty much just the Vapes, correct?

  3. I bought some today and it is great. Got the Apple Fritter. Ordered more Fritter and some Space Gello to try tomorrow

  4. the Space Gello is absolutely amazing. Going to have to go back soon to pick up Apple Fritter now and at least two more Space Gellos

  5. I seen it at Beavercreek if you want to make that drive , Cresco white truffle that is

  6. Pro tip: Newer dispensaries and dispensaries in the suburbs (POW London, Harvest Clintonville, OGT Newark) tend to have shorter lines from my experiences. That or i’ve just been lucky over the years

  7. i have some butterfly effect flower that i haven’t opened yet - because i can’t figure out how to get it open LOL. How did you do it!?

  8. Jbads by Grow Ohio are 27.5mg per edible. $20 for a 4pack.

  9. I’ve heard so many issues with Certified Carts, hopefully they will make it right for you dude

  10. Harvest is Trash, if this is near the Athens area, just make the trip to Logan for Columbia Care. 30% deals almost everyday in December

  11. Sorry dude/dudette, Every time i’m at Harvest there’s a deal/steal ♥️ Logan is nice too for minor things but wait times are too long in my experience 💔

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