1. Open the project in CapCut and try exporting again

  2. it sort of helped only did a bit tho just saved a tiny bit of effects in a video but it worked a bit so thank you:D

  3. Make sure you watch the app the entire time it's exporting. If you navigate away, or turn off your screen, your phone can shut it down because of the high CPU usage

  4. nope just microg or vanced microg

  5. Closest i got to real dabs was d8 budder from Boston Hemp. Flavorless, though

  6. pouring cough syrup into Sprite a little milk of the poppy, to ease your slumber your grace?

  7. The juggalo actor who asked Charlie if he's ever had sex was hilarious, you can tell he's having fun

  8. Do we know if it's confirmed that he was ad libbing?

  9. I'm trying to create an Instagram account. It keeps telling me I can't because my IP address is an open proxy? I went over to the one computer in my house that's never had a VPN installed on it and it's doing the exact same thing

  10. Ned got caught because he blatantly said to the Queens face he planned on deposing Geoffrey and temporarily taking over till Stannis showed up.

  11. I got confused because in the books Stannis finds out the same time Jon finds out, so it wouldn't have made any sense for him to have learned it from Ned's letter

  12. Same way as in the show. Looking through the book of genealogies, and visiting Robert's bastards. Except that in the books, Stannis did this with Jon

  13. It's been used in the wiring of the telegraph since at least 1820

  14. I’m going to start listening, do I need to start from episode one?

  15. Post not approved - concerns about farming for marketing and security of users revealing their locations.

  16. Go through the window on the right, turn on the tap, wait... Then subdue the guy that checks out the flowing water and boom

  17. I legit just forget about game mechanics overnight

  18. Seriously every once in a while I'm just like, I'm going to save this and then try to Leeroy Jenkins it and it never pays off but for once it did

  19. Im really late, but if you haven't tried them then HighlyConcentr8ed is pretty gas. I've really enjoyed their K.O blend and I'm waiting on some THC-O from them. Got lab tests on their site too!

  20. It's really weird, my first batch from Vivimu was fine, my second was salty. I tried some more from cclear and that was even saltier. I got some terped from hc8 and at least it wasn't salty. Not that potent, but I've got some of the straight stuff coming from them now

  21. Spoiler Warning: All officially-released show and book content allowed, EXCLUDING FUTURE SPOILERS FOR HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. No leaked information or paparazzi photos of the set. For more info please check the

  22. This looks more and more like a fake. If you look at photos that aren't from this article, the coin was clearly cast, not minted.

  23. I've heard only good things about Shwifty, from friends and family

  24. That sounds excellent! Thank you. I look forward to getting these and enjoying a groovy evening with them soon.

  25. I'm going to agree that about 5mg is the place to start.

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