1. I have this issue as well during classes when girls give subtle hints of attraction,(staring for more than 30 seconds, talking in a sweet voice, silly stuff like kicking my shoes). I receive the feminine energy, and instead of thinking lustfully i flex my quad muscle (to send most of my blood there, instead of my penis) , and let her feminine energy give my masculine energy a boost. I say flex your quad muscle once you feel aroused from her, and see it as a subconscious energy exchange that us men desire from women, and what women desire from us men.

  2. You are missing out on the con-70 for this pen. Especially if you have a demonstrator.

  3. Because they are a first time fountain pen buyer. We were all noobs once, and unless we were really lucky we didn’t buy a fantastic pen the first time.

  4. I did start out with a Lamy Safari knockoff as well.

  5. This one is next on my list. Congratulations on your acquisition.

  6. Frequency and vibration brother. You're vibrating at a level they cannot comprehend. You're playing a radio station they are unable to tune into.

  7. Maybe because you’re no longer a follower, or lame thats easily persuaded an agreeable.

  8. I already experienced what you said on the second paragraph but I stood firm, SR really does help.

  9. Circumstances don't happen the way I want them to but how nature intends. I accept them as they come.

  10. Well said, instead of constantly doubting my life path and due to that slipping into depression, I just accept the things the way they are and they way they happened. It‘s my very own path.

  11. Carpe diem. Lmao. You're posting on a forum about not getting laid and not touching your dick.

  12. I guess they released it to compete with Pilot Kakuno.

  13. Snap a Kaweco clip on the Kakuno cap you're good to go.

  14. That's a genius idea, i hadn't even though of that. Appreciate the pro tip man

  15. Some players in my clan are lane hoggers, they'll attack a capital that other players are attacking even if that player still has two or three attacks left.

  16. A man can not be conquered by external forces once he overcomes and controls his desires.

  17. As weird as I thought it is, women are reflection of men's energy. They can sense whatever energy is flowing through.

  18. I was planning to give an FP as present this coming holidays, JinHao's are the ones I thought of.

  19. Spread some Japanese love this Christmas, instead of Chinese.

  20. Reading this comment made me think that they ripped off the VP and 823.

  21. I'm choosing between this and Aji Sai for my next Iroshizuku bottle.

  22. It's the very same box my CH 92 came with including the very same leaflets.

  23. You want to be an artist? You do it then. If you look at artists who made an impact, you'll realize that they never sought permission from others to do their thing that's what you should do as well. Things may not be easy and they may not go as you planned but it should make you mentally tough.

  24. Yes I am. What I'm trying to do now is put all of it behind me.

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