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  1. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. Still a banger. I gotta start accepting that we will never get another The Way of All Flesh or The Link. We have those albums as relics but age hits us all sometime, and I can't blame them for not wanting to do the same thing over and over.

  2. This what the bands mind and focus is set to now. These songs they’re releasing is a direct foreshadowing of their emotions and what they’re feeling. The reason their music is so good is because they translate their exact emotions into songs. I guess that’s the principle of a band but I can still definitely get used to some new music styles from Gojira.

  3. All Walter wanted to do was play last of us 2 on a ps5 with two capybaras on his lap

  4. Art of dying is the only way to let all go.

  5. Yeah cuz you’re breathing slowly with a mechanical heartbeat

  6. ALLL-researchANDsuccessful drug policy SHOOOOWS that treatment should-be-increased

  7. It sounds like serj is trying to give out a serious speech and daron just randomly yells in the background

  8. Drug money is used to rig elections and train brutal corporate sponsored dictators around the world


  10. I hope you like generic house music, because you're gonna be listening to a lot of it coming from the gyms sound system.

  11. It’s either that or some 2000s pop playlist, I can never hear it anyway because my gym has the music wayyy too low

  12. That is the exact face I make too! Then I wonder if I should drive all the way home or not

  13. My gym is a 30 minute walk away, I can’t really imagine myself losing an hour going there and back especially when I specifically go early in the morning to be alone.

  14. Every generation feels they have the best music and it’s because you’ve been brainwashed to think so. Advertising connects emotions with music and you get it mixed up and get nostalgic

  15. I’m 16, all I listen to was music made in either the 80s, 90s or early 2000s.

  16. Love the energy, your singing makes it ten times better lmao

  17. 1990 quadrillions de tonnes, 04 and this one probably doesn’t count but the outro to in the forest. (Yes Terra is like my favorite album of all time)

  18. I’ve listened to Metallica since I was 8 or 9

  19. It’s a weird song considering Gojira’s previous repetoire, but it slaps. It gives a good feeling of energy.

  20. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh ohhhoohhhohhh ohhhoohhhoohoooo



  23. You catching any of the tour? I bought tickets back in 2020 and will finally get to see them next year. I don't think I've ever been as happy as I was when I got those tickets. I'm 30 so by the time I discovered them they had been broken up for years. Never thought I'd have this chance.

  24. Yeah same here, I’m seeing them in Oakland next year. Tickets were expensive as shit but I know it’s so worth it.

  25. Yea I got tickets for St. Louis. $150 for nosebleeds. Idc tho. I'm gonna get to see Rage. Be a part of all those live shows I watched growing up. I picked up an EZLN flag just to bring to the show. I was on a path to far right Christian radicalization at 14. Rage saved my life.

  26. Ratm pretty much made me politically active. It’s crazy how music can influence so many kids into getting their life on track.

  27. The Aaron now looks like he ate 3 Shaggys.

  28. I think he has like a wife and shit now bro it’s crazy

  29. I found their self title at a jazz vinyl store in Luzern, Switzerland. There was a pile titled “other” and it was just lying there. One of the older copies too.

  30. I’m gonna have to go with red. Terra is my favorite, FMTS is like literal peak. And fortitude isn’t that bad I could use some Amazonia, born for one thing and grind.

  31. I don't think people say its a bad album, but I have seen some say that it is lacking in comparison to the others

  32. I think what happens is a lot of people avoid listening to the album and giving it a chance. It’s a really good album, I think of it as sort of a starting border between death and prog death.

  33. I even just found out that he learned how to make you feel safe

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