My "Green Ranger" Costume, From FotL 2021

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  1. Stop, just stop with these posts, it gets so old to be the only thing I see from this group

  2. Context: it’s a drive-thru safari park, she had an argument with her husband (driver) and came out of the car to berate him. She didn’t die but her mother who came out of the car to help was eaten alive by another tiger. Source:

  3. Jesus that’s awful. Her stupidity got someone killed, I know it sounds silly but she should serve jail time or something. A person died because she got mad

  4. The indoctrination theory is the true ending of ME3 and I refuse to believe anything else because you’re all wrong. Unless you agree then you’re obviously a person of true class, a hero of the people, a charismatic beauty.

  5. It can be considered a safety hazard if you’re having to dismount your vehicle on the street to deliver mail. I’d just leave it on hold, ten day hold up? Crazy how another ten day hold started right after. I think you can even send the mail back after the tenth day

  6. Depends on the look you’re going for. Using Dark Oak wood that’s sheared would look good I think, as pillars

  7. Look. I know this is off topic, but I swear to Guilty Spark if they don’t add the MP helmet in Februaries season I’m quite literally going to cry someone a river. I’d play so much more if I could get my Reach Spartan back

  8. This is nice! Personally I’d of tried to even out both sides - seems like the majority are banished. Then I’d of probably made big boy up top a darker red and have that bleed into the right sides yellow/orange. It’s just a lot of blue to me

  9. It’s orders like that where the PO needs to get a backbone and allow the carrier to hit them with “item oversized” or… SOMETHING. Shouldn’t have to make a special trip to one home just to deliver all their crap

  10. Can they really afford to get rid of content at this point? The games almost as bare boned as it was at launch a year ago. Big L for the community to lose it’s only PVE game mode

  11. if this what you have, buy a new kit of ram, it needs to be the exact same you already have, so if its a Ripjaws 2x8gb 3000mhz it needs to be a Ripjaws 2x8gb 3000mhz

  12. Sorry I can see how my wording was bad, that’s currently everything I have in my system. Thank you!

  13. I won’t be able to help but I will hopefully get the ball rolling. When you get that blue screen, what’s the error code that it’s giving you?

  14. I thought it silly that the first rank is the core… again. So it’s a waste of a rank for those who already have it, right?

  15. I waited for the video to show it not working, only to realize too late my mistake.

  16. “Look at all these people Squiddy, here to see me and not you! hyEAGH, hyEAGH hyEAGH hyEAGH”

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