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  1. When I first started sw, I used this same tactic to reach new clients. It’s not necessarily a red flag, just shows she’s inexperienced and unprofessional.

  2. The very first time I posted a NSFW photo on a very specific fetish sub, I got a message within 30 mins asking if I was K**** G*****’s mom. “K.G.” Is my 17 year old daughter, that lives in a very small rural town with a population under 2,500.

  3. Okay but what happens when people actually have celiacs in prison?

  4. You eat what everyone else eats. You can trade with other prisoners for the stuff on the tray that you actually can eat. And hopefully, you have money to buy commissary to buy foods that agree with you. Prisons do not have to accommodate for dietary restrictions.

  5. And get sick and starve? People with celiacs get charged with crimes too. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal to have some frozen meals on the side for people with diagnosed celiacs

  6. You are right, but that’s how it is, especially in county jails (like the show is filmed in). Once you get to state/federal prison, they may make very minor dietary changes to accommodate things like celiac. But for the most part you are on your own to trade/buy food beyond stAndard prison meals.

  7. Put the grinder in the freezer for an hour or so then use a clean tooth brush it will fall right off once frozen.

  8. I've read that this is a no-no on soft cheese as the mold filaments can penetrate deeply and you won't see it.

  9. I live in the Ozarks, and dumb hippies like to "charge" their crystals and rocks near trees all the time. I used to have the gigantic white oak, split all the way to the base of the trunk by lightning when it was young, in my front yard. I'd find dudes with no shirts on, trippin, holding rocks, and cowering in front it all the time. It was weird.

  10. Not true for federal jobs or driving jobs. My husband has a CDL and he can get a medical marijuana card but can not test positive under any circumstances

  11. I've only driven through, but it can be very sparse in a lot of places.

  12. Tioga county pa disagrees with you big time lol there are some very lonely places here

  13. I did this like every five years until I met my husband . Disappear to a new state. Loved it 10/10 would recommend.

  14. Yep at the time I partied so it was easy to find like minded people. I went from Pennsylvania > Arkansas > Hawaii > Texas > Colorado > Kentucky > Arizona > Nevada aaaand finally settled down back in Pennsylvania. Met many wonderful people everywhere.

  15. I can't think of any real highways in my area without traffic lights and two or more lanes that aren't at least 65 or 70 mph. Where in PA are you driving?

  16. I’m a direct descendant of Mary Towne Easty, who was killed for being a witch during the Salem witch trials.

  17. I’m Virgo, scorpio, Taurus and please stop posting this photo of me! For real this is exactly me. Which of my big 3 do you think causes that?

  18. Sometimes they won’t let you parole to a girlfriends house. It has to be family or a halfway house. I’m sure they married so he could parole to her home.

  19. So it is in Wellsboro pa and he paid $3000 for it and is open to reasonable offers.

  20. Where in PA. It's a big state.

  21. The tree is located in Wellsboro Pa. It is a petrified coffee tree from Bali. He is asking $3000, and would prefer someone to pick it up than try to ship. Open to offers, feel free to dm

  22. Please don't put the keys between your fingers. If you punch like that you will break your hand

  23. I had to use this defense on a man attacking me, and it shredded his face. Left a huge gash from cheek to lip. Very fucking effective actually. Don’t talk shit about something you have never had to do yourself.

  24. Just fyi I got a payday loan in Vegas in 2019, never made a payment. It went into collections on my credit report in late 2020, I disputed it repeatedly for about 8 months, and it has been removed from my credit report, like it never happened.

  25. I believe "Juice Bars" that don't serve alcohol can have completely nude girls, however if alcohol is served the girls can only be topless

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