1. Back at the Erwin Center i would pop the balloons with my keys when the visitors would take free throws

  2. This won't be considered a bad loss, Penn State should be pretty good this year. As long as you guys take care of business in the SoCon you'll be right there

  3. I love breath of the wild but I think I might be able to make it in the mail tomorrow morning but I’m still at thanksgiving so I’ll be there soon

  4. As it has been for every away team this year with a unique agreement that was reached among the Texas teams.

  5. FC Dallas management made us celebrate copa tejas in the parking lot, guess we can call it even now

  6. When you have no understanding of how anything works but still decide to comment anyways....

  7. Hany Mukhtar was the best player in MLS this season and it wasn’t that close. He deserves MVP.

  8. Mukhtar seems pretty fraudulent after letting his team down on Saturday

  9. You could buy like 8 tickets to your playoff game for the price of one of ours

  10. Yeah I hate how espn loves us all year round except during the actual season. Gameday hates on us, espn and sports center never gives us love unless we win a big game. It’s wack. Stop putting us in the top 10!

  11. It’s because you act like you’re “Big Brother” when in reality you just got your first taste of success during the Johnny Football era and are forgetting about the last 100 years of college football in Texas

  12. It is extremely funny to me that the Domain, the area where Q2 Stadium is located and what I’ve been told by many Austin fans is considered a “second downtown”, looks virtually identical to

  13. It also doesn’t cost $6 20 minutes on the tollway to get from real downtown to fake downtown

  14. That shits just so fucking unbelievable. I swear, if Bama doesn’t injure McCoy or Ewers, that’s two fucking games Bama loses. Horseshit

  15. Bama doesn’t exist as we know them today if McCoy wins that natty

  16. I've never seen Saban that angry before on camera as well as well shouting an expletive! And this is after a team victory! Imagine what practice is like each week.

  17. So instead of arguing over semantics about SpORts CaR or doing spec sheet comparisons, I actually owned one of these for 1.5yrs over 20k miles.

  18. I too owned one for a year and a half, can attest they are great GT cars that can eat miles, still miss mine

  19. Which makes y'all's self-proclaimed "statement win" over LAFC equally fraudulent.

  20. I’m convinced my comment single handedly brought about the verde’s demise last night

  21. That’s what they were saying about their shield hopes three weeks afo

  22. Where do these people go after they park their cars? Especially ones that are surrounded by other parking lots

  23. Unless you can use multiple at the same time, it's still not enough

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