1. Everything but color looks wildly similar to mine. You can look at my profile for a post of mine from 3 months to 4 years old

  2. He loves it. Lol. He'll sit on my lap then slowly take over my space then make a huge sigh of relief, then start sleeping. Lolol

  3. Mine makes the huge sigh literally every time she gets comfortable. I wasnt sure if that was just mine or not lol these dogs all have the same temperaments and I love it

  4. I love that! I thought Big Mac was just super unique. Lol. I guess all curs are just super sweet like this!! How old is yours?!

  5. She just turned 4 in November, I got a post of pictures up of her as a puppy to now if you want to find it! I don't have much posted on my profile, won't be hard.

  6. 100% BMC. The DNA tests don't have data on BMC breeds so the next closest thing is a pit I guess. Everything about that pup is identical to mine, yours is just a little older.

  7. The most tired, energetic dog breed I've ever seen. Everything I've read in this sub so far is spot on with mine (Abbie). With people around she wants to somehow be the center of attention without anyone actually giving her attention. Under the blankets at night, hot as could be. Sprints like a madman to immediately collapse into a coma. Yawns loudly. Bedtime is 8pm to 8am, no exceptions. Quirks for days, but probably my favorite breed I've ever gotten to know closely.

  8. I literally laughed out loud at the tired and energetic. Mine has bursts of energy (and I think he might be a candidate for agility?) and the rest is lazies and blankets and snugglies for days. Mine doesn't yawn but he does contented grumbles. It's adorable.

  9. It cracks me up lol, I have a big yard and 3 dogs now so she sprints and plays hard. Almost immediately after coming inside, makes a massive mess with the water and straight to bed. It's incredible

  10. I just found a no star pattern Moltres holographic in my childhood collection. I don't know much about the current state of Pokemon besides it exploded in recent years. Any value on these misprints? The card isn't in perfect shape by any means

  11. I only feed separated. It's really important with multi dog households and to prevent littermate syndrome (dogs do not need to be related by blood). With you only having females you need to be extra careful as female only houses can get bad fast, as 2 females too often fight and there is no undoing the hate between them, unlike 2 males or a multi sex house.

  12. They are sneaky little things. I'll monitor the toys more, they haven't shown any aggression towards those yet. They're so far very happy together. Feeding in the future was my real concern

  13. Thank you. I had the wrong thought of trying to normalize eating being somewhat social by staying in the same room, but that obviously isn't the case and makes wayy more sense to NOT do that when explained.

  14. That's tough. I personally don't think it's selfish on your end. If he was going from living it up with your parents to a crate 8 hours a day because of work, then I'd consider it. I work from home as well and can let my dogs in the backyard for 10-15 minutes multiple times a day and they love it. Your parents also knew that this was a temporary situation. I think it would be more selfish if they asked to keep him vs you wanting him back, even though that currently isn't the case.

  15. Findom. Getting off on giving someone all your money to the point of financial ruin.

  16. Please tell me you missed the word ‘in’ for your title as in “Found her (in) a box…” and that you didn’t actually pop her in “a box at a Waffle House…” PLEASE 🙏

  17. I'm in upstate SC and found Clemson University's ag/garden website to be super helpful

  18. Where in the SE are you? Native vegetation is always the best option because it evolved to thrive in your area.

  19. Upstate SC. I've actually found quite a few shrubs that sites say do well in heavy clay. I came across Clemson University's agriculture/garden website and they have lists of evergreen shrubs/trees that perform well in SC. Super easy layout with well written descriptions to research what you're looking for, so that helped tremendously. A prior comment recommended planting multiple types which was a good suggestion. Next up is a reputable source to purchase from and amending this heavy clay to help drainage.

  20. Probably a port for a central vac. Was the house built in the 60s or 70s? I’ve seen houses from then with the ducts for the central vac but never had the actual machinery installed.

  21. my dad had one installed throughout our house in upstate NY in 2002. I didn't think much of it at the time and wasn't big into cleaning (still not, but now that I'm an adult, I have to). Later, I realized it was kind of a pain because even though you didn't have to haul around a big vacuum, you still had to haul around the GIANT hose attachment. I don't know if this has changed at all, but to me, it never seemed worth it. I can't speak for garage purposes. I'm sure it might be worth it if you're big into wood working and need to constantly vacuum sawdust.

  22. That was the next thought. I would like to enclose the carport and turn it into a shop. I'll have to look into using the central vac pipes as a dust collection system and just have something in the crawl space powerful enough to pull enough air. Thanks for your thoughts

  23. They need a data engineer, not a financial analyst

  24. They hired a data governance guy recently who is supposed to combine the numerous data sources into one file. They need a lot more than a FA to permanently fix that issue. My solution will be a bandaid and hopefully introduce these people to the wonderful world of PQ and VBA

  25. I wouldn’t bother. It’s not a sustainable solution like you said, just a band-aid.

  26. Hopefully it's high on the priority list and I won't need to. I sure as hell won't be logging into 15 sources every time I need to pull a report though lol. Assuming the fix is in the near future, this might just be a solo adventure.

  27. edit: shortened formula - 2 redundant calls to counter. Did not redo screenshots - result is same

  28. This is your answer, OP. Using the extra helper column will be your easiest approach.

  29. I saw both. The row indirect len approach would be useful if the number of characters change, but if they're always 6, OP should be set with either one of your answers.

  30. Oh, I read your response wrong. There are products on the shelves that you measured, not the shelf itself. So does your table look like "Product 1" "5"? Or something similarish

  31. Only thing I can think of is: remove duplicates on columns A and B so you're left with one instance of each ID and type. Sort the id either ascending or descending so all the duplicate IDs are next to each other. Then to the side, in a helper column C, do a countif for id. =Countif(a:a,A2) this will give you the number of times each id shows up. For example, if this number is 2, you should have 2 different types in your final answer. Now, since we sorted the IDs, we should be able to pull our final answer based on what the countif number says. If C2 (where we put the countif helper column) says 1, return B2, if C2 says 2, return B2 & B3, if C2 says 3, return B2 & B3 & B4. And so on for the total number of combinations you can have.

  32. the only problem is that this would be for ~180k rows of data. so sorting through each row to type out a concatenate formula would take forever. That is what you mean write, to manually write the formula for each row?

  33. Well, you would write it once and pull the formula down. 180k is a lot though. How many rows are left after you remove duplicates on columns A and B the first time?

  34. Can you put it in to a pivot table? The multiple Sam's would just be me 1 Sam. You can then use slicers to manipulate the data further (e.g., filter out Owner/signer). If not, sounds like you need a SUMIFS() criteria 1 <>"owner/signer", criteria 2 being the name.

  35. Buddy, I may have figured it out using helper columns. Off to the side I did a countifs on account number and name. Countifs(A:A,A1,B:B,B1) that tells me the number of times a name is used in the same account number. Another helper saying if the count is 1, then use the whole balance, else divide the balance by the number of times the name was counted. And I can use this column as my new balance to sum.

  36. Back in high school I remember laying on the floor with my ex and she started saying something about weddings and hit me with "do you think we're going to get married??" I said probably not lol was not the correct answer.

  37. Update: Got bored and wrote a formula to do it all:

  38. Lmao I also can't stop thinking about some of these questions and cave in to the whole formula

  39. Late to the party, but I noticed 2 things. Why split the search range into 2 instead of search("Hi",A1:A9)? If you really want to split the range, I would use a 2nd isnumber(search ---> isnumber(search("Hi",A1:A4)), isnumber(search( "Hi",A6:A9)))

  40. I jumped the gun before reading other comments. Looks like you already understand the ftfttfff issue.

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