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  1. Few cool cards but nothing crazy outside the obvious. Are icons in packs too?

  2. I think the amount is fine to most people other than those that play multiple hours a day, but it’s hardly gripping.. there’s endless opportunities to do cool stuff but they’ve just put duplicate cards in and a fairly large grind. Disappointing.

  3. Init, there’s some shit brags on here but R9 is absurd lmao

  4. think you get one from hitting elite in rivals?

  5. Don’t know why you’re downvoted? You do.. well if you hit the wins at least.

  6. I actually think this sub is more causal than try hard. There’s post about anti meta, cool teams etc. very few about making people “lengthy” and shit like that. I like it.

  7. Believe it’s luck personally but wouldn’t be surprised to see some kind of slanting of odds for new or returning players tbh.

  8. I am a poor player. I am div 5 with a cheap team. My most expensive players are kane and brunonfernandez. I did one of these with my only few 84's and got dup 81 traore. I never bought fifa points or spend a single cent on the game. It's sad:(

  9. Having an amazing team doesn’t make too much of difference bro it’s the player don’t worry.

  10. Fun but a prime example of how the new chem system is lacking. Hard to get him on 3 chem.

  11. Got an untradable Marchisio in the foundation SBC's and he has obviously been ever present in my side since.

  12. I’ve been wondering what chem effect they have, so it’s an instant 3 for them and 2 league player equivalent?

  13. Icon slightly worse. if a Hero/Icon is in their correct position they get full chem. Icon's will only offer a boost to those who are the same nationality.

  14. Seems a strange choice as icons are supposed to be the most prestigious cards. Maybe another oversight.

  15. It’s been crazy hard this week, I’ve managed to hit roughly my usual after 10 games but every game has been an absolute slog.

  16. I think everyone realistically strives for GC and/or the title that comes with it in Champ.

  17. And here I am still trying to get my first win on Emperor difficulty. I'm in this weird limbo where King is too easy and the jump in difficulty to Emperor is still too much for me.

  18. I won my first emperor yesterday, I found most important a good start, then taking other cities early as you can. Once you’ve got the cities and the army, no one really messes with you.. then work towards any victory other than domination (unless you’re playing a small map)

  19. Do they have any idea how fucking easy it is to get it in the green?

  20. I’ve taken like 15 penalties and not noticed this composure thing, how do you hit green?

  21. The ring changes all the time so you just have to press the shoot button when the composure ring is as small as possible

  22. So you have to wait till it’s green, then press shoot and that’s it?

  23. I did every pack that’s grindable … so that’s like 6 100k packs und 8 50k packs or so and best player was depay lol

  24. I think you’re the second guy here that hasn’t pulled big, big up ourselves

  25. I think someone that makes you a bit buzzing tbh. Even a goretzka I’d be happy with.

  26. It’s because this one differs a lot to previous. I like that. The old ones were too samey. I like how this one plays a bit more like a football game rather who can cheese the game the most.

  27. Yeah less ways to cheese the game it seems. More variation in goals, less left stick turning over and over. Passing is hit and miss but I like that.

  28. I only saw the preview and I was like.. why lmao. But then opened the pictures.. they look clean bro 👌 second one if I had to choose.

  29. Are you a Milan fan by any chance?

  30. No it’s actually the way my team I used to play for back in the day (Sutton United) maybe Milan saw us and thought they’d give it a go lmao

  31. Maybe we did. The way pioli plays has Theo bombing forward and overlapping with leao while kessie used to drop deep into a LCB position.

  32. Yeah it’s a cool system, Crystal Palace used it for quite a while with Zaha in like a LF position, it adds a bit of unpredictability I’m a fan of it. City do it all over the pitch 😂

  33. The final frontier pass is definitely a great addition to the game. It does make the game a bit easier to win imo. The civs that it adds are really good! I am not entirely sure, but I would say if you had a game started, then you bought that dlc. You would have to start a new game to play secret societies. It is a mode that you have to select in the create a game screen.

  34. I see. Yeah I have Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm, both I’ve enjoyed, but I can only add one “game mode” per game is that right?

  35. You set up the game parameters like you would normally and check a box to add secret societies.

  36. Great thanks. So I could play Rise and Fall and add secret societies, but not add dramatic ages to that same game as well?

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