1. I love the subtle way of pointing out that “yes, he is indeed already on the wiki page that was linked 7 times in the original post” ;-)

  2. Congrats man, I’ve seen people doing a double down after a “whoosh moment”, but you’re now in triple down territory!

  3. Nice, I have it in the same colour but I have the Amsterdam+. What rack are you using and how are you finding it?

  4. I’m not 100% sure to be honest; the dealer installed it when I bought the bike. I had a look, but I can’t see any branding or model number on it unfortunately. So yeah, generic bike rack. I do like it though; it holds my bag (Basil Urban Dry Shopper) very well, and leaves space to put stuff on the rack itself.

  5. It's not our 'job'. We aren't employees of Uber, we pay them to provide us with leads. The business transaction is directly between the rider and driver with Uber providing the platform to collect payment and the leads.

  6. And you accepted that transaction, so to then cancel/ asking the customer to cancel is scammy. If you don’t want the trip, don’t accept it.

  7. Well yes, I have personally stopped using Uber due to experiences like this. Back to driving myself and paying for parking, or using regular taxis. They are not great either, but at least they don’t cancel like uber does.

  8. I contacted Nikon Canada and they said manufacturer warranty does not apply to open box/display units. I'll call the store but I don't think they provide warranty, they have a return period of 15 or 30 days at my expense to ship back.

  9. That explains the lower price then. As someone else already said, that makes it a lot riskier.

  10. Thanks for your advice. I actually got off with the technician that works at the electronic store and he confirmed that this product will have the standard warranty given to New Nikon products which will be one year on the body and 5 years on the stock lens. I'm located in Ottawa Canada and bought the camera at an authorized Canadian Nikon dealer. He said he replaced everything from another z6 ii box. I'll be getting everything except for the original box and startup guide.I'm going to take a chance on it since it seems like a great deal to get into the mirrorless system!

  11. Sounds like an amazing deal then! Enjoy your new camera and early Christmas present :)

  12. Lol. Bikes that costs €5 gets stolen here. A helmet deffo will as well. There no way that helmet stays longer on my bike than 5 minutes 😂

  13. Drivers and passengers should wear helmets as more than half of deaths inside automobiles were fatal head injuries. If it saves just one life...

  14. What makes you think i meant america to begin with? Are republicans/conservatives not shitty the world over?

  15. Republicans are specific to the US, characterised (among other things) by thinking that the US is the center of the world and that their politics carry over to every other country…

  16. One big benefit of LR classic is the file organisation / library management. If you don’t need it and your current workflow works well for you then why change? It wouldn’t be my personal preference as I find it much harder to work on iPad compared to a PC with a large screen and mouse, but if this works for you then go for it!

  17. The flippable aperture feeler is something I wish they carried forward for future models released afterwards. Being able to use pre-AI lenses without modification is pretty neat.

  18. They ‘d have to build that into the Ftz adapter though, which becomes quite complicated.

  19. Genuinely curious about this it seems like a nice idea but what about older people and people with health problems? I’m at a thanksgiving dinner right now any maybe 4 out of 12 people here could actually ride a bike. Sounds nice but probably not as practical as most people would like.

  20. That’s why there is still a car lane on the left? Also, the exercise on a daily commute would keep people healthy for longer (that’s a generic statement, I have no clue about the specifics of your family and their specific health issues). Anecdotal evidence, my Dutch grandparents would ride their bikes for 20km a day till their 80s. My aunties are getting close to 70 now and doing the same .

  21. And start using paperless-ngx

  22. If this was Singapore the guy would be put to death. If this was America the guy would sue the driver and the bus company and win millions in damages.

  23. You have a twisted perception of the legal system in Singapore. Yes they are strict, but there is no death penalty for stealing.

  24. And to be fair I don't understand your argument about the 28 being out of question. Have you tried it ? It is as fast as a 50 prime to focus. And I own both (among other Z lenses).

  25. Yeah, but with the viltrox he is happy with a 24mm, it’s not about focal length. He is obsessed with max aperture, so with that he should just go with the 1.4, who cares about anything else…

  26. I still don't get the thing about a lens being "too slow" though

  27. It’s terminology for the max aperture, e.g. a lens with max f6.8 or even f4 is considered slow, as you can’t take pictures in low light. The iso performance of current cameras has taken that away, but people get hung up on it anyway. To the point that 10 years ago 2.8 was considered pretty much top of the bill and now people like OP see it as inferior for vague reasons. I guess he likes pictures where one nostril is in focus and the other one is not given how shallow the depth of field will be…

  28. I doubt it - especially if you’re professional about it. Let’s face it, February is really close anyway

  29. I’m running a Samsung M7, 4K 32 inch and quite like it. I think it’s been updated to M8 now. It’s USB-C so easy to plug in, and even has a couple of USB-A ports, so you can use it as a small hub. And it charges your Mac while using it.

  30. Just make sure they operate on different channels. Best to set that on the new device, as changing the channels means re-linking everything, so doing that on your Hue hub would be a huge hassle.

  31. Get this one (or similar), and make sure you turn the valve far enough. It will definitely deflate a lot faster than the compressor can inflate.

  32. I’ve simplified it a bit to remove all the required inputs, so that I can just start talking right away. Downside is that file name is always the same, so older ones get overwritten, but that’s no issue for me. Also, I default to ‘stop recording after 20 seconds’ which is plenty for my purpose.

  33. This is fantastic! Thank you so much! Yeah, voice memo app wasn’t a strong requirement- this works just as well.

  34. There is a workaround though. Especially as you are asking about docking stations.

  35. I just punch a whole heap of laminate through the laminator. Pile them all on top and then cut around the collar stay. Didn't know you could buy them online.

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