What it's like being a GameStop manager these days

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the new shillery - MSM telling us that a CEO is able to fight off short selling. NO - all they want us to believe is that RC isn't doing anything to help us. I love this company!

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  1. Today feels like a great day to drop something major.

  2. You kinda get the feeling there will be a filing after hours. Don't know what it would be but it just seems like the right time.

  3. I think we are getting ready for a serious rug pull. As I said earlier today, grab onto something, the titanic is listing and there isn't much time left. The question is, who survives?

  4. 2.3 million shares now available to borrow. Grab onto something. The titanic is tipping. They getting ready to go all in.

  5. Idk about you apes but I am horny for a fed pivot. Time and time again it has been shown that once the fed pivots market crashes. The last fed pivot was in 2020, rates went to zero. Market crashed then ripped like a… wait I don’t have to tell you, y’all was there

  6. Unfortunately, many analyst's (the smart ones that have actually been right before) say this is just the first leg down. They don't see the bottom of this thing until mid 2024. After that though....things could be nice for people that actually still have money to invest.

  7. So what your saying I should be able to buy more GameStop at a cheaper price ????

  8. Congrats fukhead. You have now become the most hated person on the earth. Good luck with that.

  9. Until we see 30 million in volume, We aren't gonna see any real movement. Just set alerts and chill. This is just a savings account now because of all the crime. This group of power brokers in politics, the financial markets and regulators are ALL completely corrupt and they are working in unison to redistribute ALL wealth to themselves. Fortunately some of it is starting to come out with the political end now as we get a window into what this admin has done over the last several decades but the connection to the financial markets needs to be made by the utterly or willfully blind MSM. Until that happens, the crime will continue forever. Personally, I like what the CEO's that are exposing Naked shorts publicly are doing. No matter what their end game, they are exposing hundreds of millions of people to the issue, even if it's just superficially. There is no such thing as bad advertising as they say.

  10. It’s a savings account losing money which is frustrating when the company has been turned around and cash flow positive.

  11. That's true too but I figure it's worth way more than what I have in it so it mind as well be an IRA at this point. I just keep adding to it.

  12. Just like the lying MSM and honest politicians.

  13. It was around this time yesterday that the stock I like started to run. There are about 8 thousand more folks logged in to Superstonk today at this time than there were yesterday. Combine all of that with that shady opening action, and I think fireworks are on the menu.

  14. Yeah...something brewing on Terribly Tantalizing Tuesday. Could be super dip....could be super rip but most likely super hype with nada.

  15. The stocks whose trading was halted include A-EM-C, 3M,

  16. Now why the fuk would popcorn have been halted?

  17. sure, but what happens when Hamilton starts pushing retail investors to DRS?

  18. Fella's...the guy released a DRS video. I know we are very cynical about everything but no matter what this guy's intentions, this is making our fight WAY more public and shedding light on the issue. His company has a price target rating of $19 by analysts which I guess could be bullshit but I dont know. I dont think we are buying his stock but his message is spreading through the MSM like wildfire. I cannot see how that is a bad thing. Just my opinion.

  19. Yeah, in terms of control. I mean, like not one person, like everyone.. like you have just as much control as the banker does

  20. Understood but it's like herding cats in my opinion trying to get everyone to agree. I like your positive attitude though!!

  21. This is a real problem. This needs to be investigated to the teeth.

  22. Here comes China. I hope all of you that love communism are ready for this. It's gonna be an ugly fight here in the US.

  23. In all honesty, this guy is a moron.

  24. Also for the peanut gallery....trying to turn anything about this toward the former president is idiotic. The president can declassify anything he wants by LAW. The VP or a senator cannot. Biden is in trouble. Trump is not.

  25. Hell, half of us have known for two weeks

  26. That's the email I got. This particular transfer wasn't GME shares. It was BoBBYs and Business Casual Clothing stonks but at least one of those should be in low enough demand that the DRS request should have been easy to handle.

  27. Oh no...I totally believe you Ape. I was saying these banks are bullshit. Starting to get crazy out there. You can just feel the tension building like a freight train bearing down on all parties involved. I quite like it really.

  28. If you feel anything wet..... that's rain.

  29. This is atarting to gain steam. All I have to say is....

  30. They actually are probably supporting a competing drug company and wnat their investment in that company to flourish. Pretty standard stuff, disgusting but standard.

  31. ‘They’ spoof all fkng day EVERY day. If you look at the l2 orderbook it’s literally endless crime. It’s so fkng dumb and it’s SO EASY for them to fkng fix I just don’t understand it AT ALL.

  32. I gave a question about this as a light bulb just went off in the monstrously empty space that sits inside the empty globe mounted on my shoulders.......

  33. With Respect, I didn't vote for Obama to be a better man than "Mr Orange". I voted for him to be a better president.....but he wasn't. He was divisive and destroyed the unity that president's before him carefully nurtured over decades. People automatically assume that I don't or didn't support Obama....that just goes to show the incredible TDS that the media has beat into your head. Being progressive doesn't make you a better person than other progressives or conservatives. These days, it just makes you REgressive and close-minded.

  34. Ah yes....more liberal tolerance. You guys really need to grow up. You are collectively dumbing down the country. Good luck to you.

  35. AND, millions of shorts are being moved offshore

  36. The pump of a company that has a list of 10 things to battle (naked) shorts and hasn't done any of those things yet is SUS.

  37. This is not accurate actually. Look closer

  38. I haven't seen any actual action, can you provide me a link?

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