1. This might be a bit of a weird choice but i'd personally like to see more indie comics get TV deals. Hilda turned out incredibly well which makes me want to see a Cupcake War Machine series or a Space Pack TV show.

  2. The idea that everyone knows and just accepts it is ridiculous. Is that canon from Landy's side? Like, I don't watch interviews or videos with him.

  3. I do, and it was (weird, rather ridiculous), yes. I do believe it was just his (quiet) way of getting that particular plot point out of the way — one of the (many) storylines abandoned going into the last two books, instead of having four more to work with. To say that it is presently canon, yes.

  4. I choose to blissfully ignore this out of book retcon... Similar to how you have to ignore JK Rowling's opinions if you want to enjoy HP.

  5. It wasn’t an out-of-book retcon though — it was in the Grimoire — the guide book, also written by Landy. With that one (technical) short story throughout.

  6. Lol literally the worst part of the show. But overall the show was fresh.

  7. As I understand it, they originally intended to have Doctor Strange show up at the end and arrest Wanda for her crimes, with the end (post-credits scene) showing the Darkhold appearing to her in her cell. Her role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness would then have remained the same, except that Strange would have been visiting Wanda in her cell in

  8. I'm not a venom-head. But I'm curious. Has anyone done a story about what the planet of the venoms is like?

  9. They later decided to retcon it as one giant prison planet holding [the symbiote god](

  10. But how is it not just a constant war at every level?

  11. It technically was — the planet itself was made of symbiotes, enveloping him.

  12. Oh really? I’ll keep watching then! In a way that’s a spoiler but I appreciate you letting me know in this case!

  13. Oh, I understand — it was just that that scene was apparently never intended to be taken as a death scene (although more often than not interpreted as one by the fandom), so I thought it was okay to clarify this to you.

  14. I like how you said original face, because Harrison Wells is technically our original Eobard Thawne face, though not chronologically so. XD

  15. At the same time, I always felt as though Letscher’s performance was truer to the character than Cavanagh’s had been.

  16. Annoys me you cant watch this in the UK anywhere

  17. I mean you can watch it, just more in the kiss / series / ‘yo ho ho’ manner.

  18. Na I'm good with the military getting blasted by horrific creatures. Let the simp action movie genre do the military propaganda. Horror is horror militaries should always be neutral or antagonist entities imo in horror.

  19. Oh, I don’t mean the American military, just the literal military elements in the film — anything from mercenary groups to operatives of secret societies or organisations, à la the above.

  20. Government/Non government military, mercenaries, private armies need to be underdogs in horror or the horror themselves.

  21. They would still be mostly the underdogs — just more competent than (absolutely) wholly incompetent is what I would mean. Trying their best, even having some success before ‘biting the bullet’ would be enough, is what I mean.

  22. It would be more fitting for her to reject it anyway. Just like it would be more fitting for Zuko to abandon the path to light and choose Honor and his father’s approval over his destiny.

  23. I am more curious as to why the very question itself is currently being downvoted, although it in all likelihood be correct as to how it would go (as with

  24. I didn’t say that I didn’t agree with you, just that I wasn’t part of the argument. I found it interesting to mention that the argument existed, but not that I was a participant (which I am not). I would be on the sidelines, watching (with popcorn) as people write thousands of words to give their arguments on the most trivial of matters. Objectively talking about what other people’s arguments are, without having an opinion myself. If I were to have one (so proper opinion) , it would lean more towards him not being an official member, although it would be that much funnier if he were considered to be one.

  25. Is Zuko also sleep-deprived the entire time in this scenario, or making these comments simply just while chilling around?

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