1. I got the HSBC reward last year having previously gotten the First Direct switch bonus.

  2. Or just put it straight into this:

  3. How is it not best for pretty much everyone?

  4. Banks believe they’ve peaked if you look at the SONIA swap rates:

  5. To be fair, I feel like it's a lot easier to leave Steam running in the background of a computer than to idle an Xbox or Playstation. Either way, it's still a great achievement!

  6. This. I nearly always have steam running in the background while working. I probably actually play my Xbox more though, it’s just only on when I’m actually playing.

  7. Apologies I barely know much about the whole thing, I’ve always just straight up bought things my whole life but thought a phone contract would be a start to improving it for if I wanted bigger purchases in furure

  8. Yes it is a good idea - I was just replying to the other poster who said not to bother.

  9. It may not be with JWST, and it may not be any time soon (although I suspect it'll happen sooner than most people think), but this is how we'll detect alien life; biosignatures in the atmospheres of alien worlds. Eventually, we'll find a planet where life is the most plausible explanation for what we see. Likely microbes, but still the greatest discovery in history.

  10. You'll probably have to wait till HabEx for that:

  11. My top earners of the year will be after they’ve all paid out:

  12. I used curve back in time to put £500 on it, that worked.

  13. Just looked at the barclays account. Shame about the Direct debits but i’m sure I can sort something out. Will overpay my student loan by £5 if I really have too.

  14. Plum, moneybox and PayPal all let you create free direct debits to yourself FYI.

  15. Very interesting, thanks i’ll take a look at the paypal direct debit.

  16. Yup, I used Tesco for all the bank switching offers back in the day!

  17. No. It will be treated as a money transfer by most providers, not a purchase, so will not be part of your 0% deals.

  18. Which providers treat this as a money transfer (cash advance)? I’ve only come across ones that don’t.

  19. I imagine it’s not protected by FSCS, so if they go bankrupt you could lose all the money on the card.

  20. Just seen that offer on headforpoints. Not eligible for premier banking unfortunately

  21. There is no eligibility criteria for Barclays Premier - the criteria is to get it for free.

  22. They reject applications for people who earn under £75k regardless of the 12 month eligibility waiver.

  23. They don't if you have a normal current account and upgrade it in the app.

  24. I don't understand - your parents lent you money, that is just sitting in a current account, that they'll want back at some point?

  25. The money predominantly went into premium bonds as they would have to pay additional tax on it as they live in Spain and Spanish tax laws work on total assets therefore as I hold it they don't have to pay the additional on this.

  26. So you won’t be able to take any risks with it, as it’s not your money? E.g. invest it into stocks and shares

  27. Yes, you should open a LISA if you plan to buy a first home. It is essentially up to £1k free a year from the government.

  28. Do most of the main banks have them? I've looked at them and am seeing more explanations of what a LISA is than offers for one. Based off what you've said it sounds like I should open one ASAP.

  29. The best cash LISA at the moment is moneybox, which pays 3% interest on top of the 25% government bonus:

  30. Trading212, Investengine and Lightyear don’t have any platform fee or fee on trades, so they are the cheapest.

  31. Thanks! Hope your missus is getting cashback on the tequila shots.

  32. Ah ok that’d be why, I only tried my Barclaycard and Amex on Chaddar!

  33. Where is the 250 points offer? I can’t see mention of it on the app or the link you posted, just £1 = 1 avios

  34. Yeah I'd second mcdonalds, it looks good on a cv too if you can stick it out for a while. (I've worked there it isn't even that bad and everything is set up so a trained monkey can do it)

  35. McDonald’s looking good on a cv is questionable, depending on what sort of career you want to go into.

  36. I tried to start one for non beermoney offers (discounts), but it has so far not attracted anybody, and only has three posts from yours truly.

  37. What’s the one you started called?

  38. The good news is, unless still on a pre-2022 fix, all suppliers are the same price as the price per kw/h is the same. So this really is easypeasy money!

  39. This is not true. Suppliers have different standing charges and prices per kw/h - they just all need to have rates which work out at below the price cap for an “average” household.

  40. I would personally wait till they have an enhanced offer on the Gold card before signing up to Amex - usually worth around £200.

  41. Are they taking the piss, £50 a month!?!?!? This is ridiculous, I will need 1,666 years to transfer my one million pounds into the account! One thousand, six hundred, sixty six!!!

  42. Also considering they close it after two years (so £1.2k max) I think you’ll have to find somewhere else for your million pounds.

  43. Firstly I think you need to understand why people recommend a global tracker - cloud_dog_mse has provided you with some information to read on that.

  44. Ain't got a reason as to why I decided against it. I just want to go down the DIY route.

  45. You’re wasting your time for no benefit - might as well buy every companies shares individually while you’re at it.

  46. fsv says:

    You probably need to check the T&Cs more closely, but I'd expect that the "0% interest on purchases for 3 months" applies only to the first three months after you open the account, rather than that you'd have a three-month interest free payment for purchases made at any time.

  47. I assume they're referring to the Santander Everyday No Balance Transfer Fee card:

  48. Utilisation only matters if you plan to take out further credit - which you may want to do if you plan to stooze further.

  49. I had no idea that utilisation is a percentage of the total credit available to you as opposed to the utilisation on individual cards, good to know.

  50. If you want to be safe I would stop credit applications a year in advance of applying for a mortgage.

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