1. I buy mine off fb marketplace or Craigslist. There are several people with sawmills. Search "rough lumber" and that will eliminate most of the firewood posts

  2. Ended up going through green releaf since it's close to the house. That was unnecessary it Was a phone appointment that took less than two minutes and i had my card in under 45 minutes.

  3. There’s a Groupon for an online medical practice called Elevate Holistics - $70-ish bucks for doctor consultation and recommendation then you still have to pay your $50 to the state for the actual card.

  4. They have pre employment and monthly randoms and disclosed to me that medical card will be taken into consideration for those. I'm aware of the bwc issues thanks for the info

  5. Looks like you tried and failed to build a shitty pallet deck but successfully built a structurally sound deck with a nice visual design element.

  6. Egg cups? Like soft boil eggs and you crack on top and scoop out the contents

  7. I leave it all the way up for most bits. Larger diameter bits like for raised panel doors I turn it down. 95% it's full speed because it's inconvenient to change when mounted in the table

  8. I agree with this and will add I've used this style to hang a bar cabinet I recently built. Works great. Glue on a spacer at the bottom on the back to hold the piece level and "floating" off the wall about ⅜"

  9. Jokes aside, I thought wood glue was supposed to have a stronger bond than the natural wood fibers. Why does everyone think it’s a bad idea to glue this?

  10. The glue is stronger than the lignin that binds the fibers. not the fibers themselves. You can't glue this together any more than you can glue a butt joint on a floor joist and expect it to hold weight

  11. Anything is fixable for a price. The price exceeds the physical value of the chair. If the sentiment value is over $2000 then I'd fix it. If not replace it

  12. Ram mount. I prefer the one that bolts into the bar clamp or clutch perch over the ones that clamp around the bar.

  13. Thank you 🙏. I know there’s some really good wood workers on here and though I am not one of them, I wanted to share my little passion.

  14. Is that a Stereomaster 345? Mine doesn’t have that black metal case - the chassis just slides into the wooden cabinet. The metal vent cutout is right above the tubes and transformers. There’s really nothing on the sides that gets hot. A small fan on the back is way more effective. Mine is from ‘64, my father in law bought it new, and it’s never been messed with. Completely original except for replaced caps over the years.

  15. This one is a 388 from '68 I believe. He wanted it built around the metal case. An addition to not replacing parts of his late father's possessions. There's a huge heat sync on the back that will get plenty of airflow. There are holes in the bottom and additional air space underneath due to the case and the feet I'm using. I was able to route out the insides of the sides and get some clearance for airflow. I'll try to update a pic

  16. Router the inside sidewalls and expoxy in some nice black metal mesh grills.

  17. I had thought about routing a chanel ½ the thickness of the wood and allowing air from the bottom up but that would only leave ⅜"ish x8" chanel for air flow

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