1. It's canon BUT BL4 could come out and not mention hardly any of it. So there's hope it's just irrelevant to the ongoing plot.

  2. Thanks for the Athena info, I didn’t know that. Love Athena, and didn’t remember her being mentioned at all in Borderlands 3.

  3. I'm not sure she still with her and I agree it's out of pocket

  4. His exo was apparently datamined already

  5. Missraks is going to open the relics of nezerac in the city, and the darkness energy released is going to impact the traveler in some way.

  6. Okay I'll come back to this comment when none of that happens and next season is confirmed to be about Rasputin

  7. Are we sure that Denji was asleep at the same time Yuko was killed? We can't tell what time it is when he's asleep (it looks like the middle of the night) but we see the sun is coming out when Yuko dies. He looks incredibly tired during the day and Yuko made a seemingly odd and out of place statement about not being able to read birds' minds (Denji may be training Nayuta to hunt devils?). Yuko can read minds and her last words were Chainsaw Man. This will give Asa a reason to fight Chainsaw Man. The Chainsaw Man Devil theory seems possible like it's predicated on a Denji centric storyline, which hasn't been the case in part 2 up to this point.

  8. Yeah there's a panel of him sleeping AS she gets attacked. So he was deffo asleep. Wasn't him unless he somehow woke up and like got there at like hypersonic speeds to merc her.

  9. As cool as this idea is, it's not really how devils work in general. Like, fear of the Gun Devil doesn't create a "Gun Devil" Devil, it just makes the Gun Devil stronger. Part of the reason why only crazy people make good devil hunters is that the sane ones are afraid of the devil they are fighting, which make that devil stronger, rather than some meta devil of that devil. I know Denji is his own weird thing, but it still seems as though this would be a deviation from the established canon.

  10. No it is. A Devil can be created from any fear of a name or idea. Can be Devils of completely fictional stuff.

  11. Ah woops my bad I'm thinking of Wilhem then.....but he wasn't really a soldier he was a merc....hm guess Presequel is an exception

  12. A Warhammer 40K crossover would be amazing.

  13. This is the only answer that makes the most sense lore wise

  14. We've had this before, but they got rid of them when we got the rework to nightfalls in shadowkeep. Minus the increased rewards part of course.

  15. Yes! Nightfall cards this borrows that idea essentially.

  16. Is the Psychotic Friends Network a counsel of other Postal Dude's that are either clones of the Dude or from alternate universes who are all subservient to a God, who's just the Demon from Postal 1?

  17. I wonder if it would want to chat with Nezerac and Delicate Tomb?

  18. If I had complete creative control over the story of Destiny thered be a quest to setup a blind date with Whisper of the Worm and Parasite to eavesdrop on their conversations to gather more info about the Darkness

  19. https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/971/686/891.jpg

  20. Of all the exotics to put anti champ on, you want it to be the one where you're suppose to be shooting your gun while it's active?

  21. Of all the exotics this is the only one that buffs arcsouls cause it makes you amplified. Which means the souls shoot faster and it's on demand. So it allowing the soul itself to be able to stun champs would be amazing.

  22. Lemonarque is bugged, the comment above this is talking about the bug and not about bonus damage to matching overload weapons like I thought it was.

  23. What does paracausal mean ? How special is this item ?

  24. Paracausal means parallel causality. It means the Horse/Sparrow itself is paracausal,as in it operates on a complete different set of physics that's parallel to ours.

  25. Weird because Starhorse is supposed to be Paraversal, which means transcending universes (like the multiverse) rather than Paracausal, which means transcending fate.

  26. Actually Paraversal means paracausal universes. Para is just a name to represent parallel. So they're parallel universes. Paracausality is parallel causality.

  27. No hell no man I mostly hate these matchups on here. Baki downplay is unreal

  28. DARCI needs a rework to feel good, not a shift to special ammo. As it stands, the exotic perk pretty much causes it to be used as a measurement device.

  29. Yeah the rework is it becomes special weapon and the stability and aim assostance is off the charts. Which is going to be hugebecayse of sniper flinch changes. The Exotic is meh cause nobody in the right mind would give up DARCI over a Linear or a rocket in pvp or pve.

  30. No it can't Whisper can't be autoswapped with a high dps option like a rocket. Izanagis can swap to rockets. So you would be able to swap Whisper with Rockets or Linear for good total damage if its aspecial weapon. It's a good alternative. Even in D1 it was good. In D2 special Snipers have gotten or will het buffs in pve as of late. With Izanagis being an outlier.

  31. This actually aged very well. Like....scarily accurate

  32. I think what OP is trying to compare or is trying to say is that instead of using some of the more “mainstream” exotics like loreley. They use HOIL with touch of thunder enhanced grenades.

  33. The Young Wolf commits mitosis and makes clones of himself to do raids

  34. Ok so to address the Osiris rezzing thing. I want to jusy simply note in Ancient Egypt Osiris was shattered into pieces spread out. ISIS had to collect all the pieces and put bim back together again. This is literally what we are doing by hunting Nezarecs body parts down.

  35. Okay I keep seeing people bring up the CE thing about Osiris and so I'm just going to explain it myself

  36. I'm well aware what it says I have quoted it several times actually and posted the summary in full before.

  37. Nothing about it has to be said about Rasputin. Literally the easy space travel works is you need coordinates for your ship to get to a specific location.

  38. You basically hit it virtually on the nail. Except I believe the figures that disappeared in Osiris's dream represent Darkness within Osiris. The Green ones represent fragments of Savathuns will. Kinda like how the Luscent Hive in Season of the Risen still had like mini savathuns in their head.

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