1. I always try to do stuff with that but I hadn’t thought of gapping to the bowl 🤔

  2. I was trying to land in the steep down ramp on the side of the bowl but couldn’t get lined up right. Settled with this.

  3. My friend gave me a mold just like the blue one. Where’d you find it?

  4. I’ve heard if you set a vibrator next to them it’ll take the bubbles out

  5. I think my recipe might be excessive but I add the lethicin in with the oil in a pot and mix it all together. In a separate pot I make the kool aid part and add the acid at the end because it messes with the other ingredients if you add it too soon. Then I add the kool aid part to the pot with the oil and lethicin and mix it all together. Then I add the bloomed unflavored gelatin on low heat and lightly whisk it until it’s all good.

  6. Funny our oil n gummies have similar color. This is 1000. We made a batch today so I had 2000mg. Me and my wife enjoy a 509mg dose each. little over 1/2 a cup coconut oil. Decarb in ardent nova.m then 8 hours in crockpot on low with 1 Tbsp soy lecithin. Original recipe is 1/2 good weed 20% or more and 1 1/4 cup coconut oil

  7. Damn I don’t do anywhere near that. I use the ardent for decarb and infusion but only do 8 grams and a cup of oil at a time. I used like 3/4 cup for this batch I think.

  8. yeah I thought as much. I suppose the only real value there would be the oil still absorb in the spent plant matter. Thanks

  9. After I ring out the cheese cloth, I let it soak in some tea. That way I can at least drink whatever’s on there

  10. Made my first test batch. Didn’t use any of my infused oil just getting a feel for the recipe and the process. Question on what caused the whitish “froth”. That was on the top of the gummy.

  11. I’m no expert but I think making sure the jello mixture is just somewhat hot to warm when you add the bloomed gelatin in will help. Also just gently whip it in while it melts with a silicon whisk.

  12. Mason jars, an instant pot or air fryer, and some coffee filters. The possibilities are limitless.

  13. Been doing it this way. But I kinda want to try different things.

  14. Ahh, so would you say five minutes in the fridge? Have you had issues with different lengths of time? Sorry my adhd mind and myself have issues following instructions without specifics haha. I appreciate your help lots, so thank you!

  15. Cool. Keep in mind that I’m no expert haha I did one batch that had separation and only one successful batch

  16. Klutch is the best that I’ve found that aren’t ridiculously priced. I think I’ve had all of the carts and pods. O43 and lemon slushee are my favorites

  17. LL-B says:

    Can you share or DM your gummy recipe? I'm struggling to find one that works for me. Please!

  18. Bloom unflavored gelatin. Melt oil and lethicin in a double boiler. Mix 1/2 cup of kool aid and flavored jello in a different bowl and once it’s ready to go, add it in with the oil. Then add in bloomed gelatin. Stir. Then put in the molds. I’m the wrong guy to ask. This was my first time.

  19. I'll probably get down voted as usual in this sub for pointing this out, but I think it's important to repeat for new patients and those who may be unaware...

  20. I honestly didn’t know it was illegal. That’s crazy. I guess I’ll stop.

  21. Honestly any trim will be great for edibles. Obviously decarboxylate your shit first.

  22. I’m not an expert. I just tried to make gummies for the first time this week. First attempt, I didn’t bloom and I used 1/2 cup of oil. They came out horrible with bad separation. The Next batch I did 1/4 cup oil and let the gelatin bloom. This batch came out edible.

  23. Nice. Just tried for the first time and ate shit. Had separation

  24. Edible Dosage Calculator - Find Out How Potent Your Edibles Are

  25. I use unrefined, but I also don’t mind the coconut taste.

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